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Feng Shui to increase love luck

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Feng Shui to increase love luck

1. Bedroom

It is recommended to choose a room with windows and allow sunlight to enter as the bedroom. It will positively help the good fortune and stability of the relationship, and choosing soft and natural lighting and simple lighting will not only make the two parties less stressed, but also more There will be no empathy.

2. Attraction

"Three points depend on appearance, seven points depend on appearance" personal charm comes from appearance and taste, and of course it also includes objective standards such as moral cultivation and knowledge content. But are these related to Feng Shui? In fact, some, just start from dressing up. If you want to dress yourself up, you must pay attention to it. Flowering out does not necessarily attract bees and butterflies, on the contrary, it can cause disgust. Therefore, the suggestion should be concise, elegant, or even conservative. It is best to wear some jewelry according to your own fate to increase your own attractiveness.

3. Bed

The bed not only affects your health, but also affects the relationship between husband and wife and the luck of single friends. Therefore, from the perspective of professional feng shui layout, the bed should be placed in the prosperous position of "the god of pleasure" in the fate. Only in this way can you be physically and mentally healthy. If you want a better love fortune, you must find out that the five elements of peach blossoms are used in the fate to decorate the bed or place the green leafy plants.

4. Windows

Home windows have a certain influence on love. I don’t know that love fortunes and windows are also linked. There are many reasons, such as emotional obstacles outside the windows, such as being rushed by other corners, or high-voltage electrical towers, Voltage electric poles, roads rush, then the owner living in the house will be easily hurt emotionally, and the guardian god of love will drift away from you over time. Therefore, in this case, you can place natural crystals on the windows or display natural pink crystal balls, crystal seven-star arrays and the like in the windows, which may still retain your love.

5. Mirror

Mirrors are very reflective in feng shui, so they will reflect beautiful things into things and others, so the choice and attention of mirrors are the top priority. It is recommended that the mirror should be round or non-angular. In the process of placing it, you must be careful not to damage it. If you accidentally break it, you should deal with it in time. The mirror cannot remind yourself of implantation. Therefore, the placement of the mirror needs to be careful.

6, home display

When the layout of the house is a foregone conclusion, home furnishings need to pay more attention to Feng Shui. If the furnishings of mirrors and beds will affect love, then fish tanks, book collections, calligraphy and painting, etc. can also not be neglected, as some people like to use them. When the rules of gossip mirrors and wind chimes are not clear, they should not be placed in random at home, as they may have a counterproductive effect to avoid injury. If there are deficiencies in the layout, please refer to the relevant professionals to place them.

Bad Feng Shui Cause Love Problems

1. Put flowers at the bedside

This refers to the layout of the room that the couple spends on. Fengshui is unfavorable for emotional stability, and it is easy to cause both parties to have an affair and eventually disintegrate.

2. The toilet in the bedroom faces the bed

Nowadays, new houses are often designed with a bathroom in the bedroom. This type of bedroom should avoid the toilet door to the bed and can be covered by a screen. Otherwise, extramarital affairs are prone to occur between couples, which is also the cause of bankruptcy

3. Angle shot

Regardless of whether the male or female’s personal room, you must avoid the spur shot, otherwise it will affect your mood and health, and it will also be detrimental to love and marriage. You must remedy it as soon as possible. Shooting in the bedroom can also lead to divorce.

4. Bedroom shape

An irregular master bedroom can make people infertile or divorced. If there are too many irregular items in the bedroom, you will encounter bad people and frustrations. It is also easy to have strange relationships and develop relationships with people you shouldn't love.


5. Put a mirror in the bedroom

Putting a mirror in the bedroom is not good for love and health if the bed is illuminated

6. Sundries under the bed

If it’s a bed with feet, avoid placing clutter under the bed and keep the underneath clean and ventilated. Some people like to put a mess of things under the bed, thinking that outsiders can’t see it, but they don’t know that it will damage their love.

7. The bedside position is wrong

The bedside facing the door or behind the bedside is empty, or there are hanging cabinets on the bedside, which will affect your relationship. Experts have found that many big city renters have this situation because their houses are too small.

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