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Feng Shui Tips for Selling a House Quickly

House Sold quickly when it get to good feng shui !

When we to sell a house ,we all want to sell as soon as possible,No one want to keep the house on the market for a long time without selling ,If you want to sell the house quickly and smoothly, there are some feng shui layouts ,maybe you can try to do oi ,it may surprise you.

When you want to sell a house, you want to sell it at a high price, sell it smoothly, and move easily, but sometimes you can’t sell it for a long time, especially now it’s a pandemic, so When you want to sell a house, you must understand why people who come to buy your house? How to attract people to make an offer and close escrow smoothly is related to Feng Shui. As long as you have done the Feng Shui of your house, you will naturally be able to attract the right buyers and make a smooth deal. Here are 13 Feng Shui tips. If you can complete it, you will be able to sell your house smoothly.

1. The interior of the house must be kept clean. Fruity perfumes or essential oils can be placed indoors, which will help increase energy and make people feel a comfortable atmosphere, which can increase the chance of home sales.

2. A red color item can be posted at the door to create a good magnetic field to increase the probability of a transaction, such as a welcome sticker or Be Merry doormat and etc.

3. At the entrance, you can place a yellow crystal and colored glaze, let you selling a house and making money quickly

4. You can put green potted plants in the living room and red flowers on the dining table, which can generate a good atmosphere to attract customers.

5. Use white light in the kitchen and porch space, and always turn on the light during the sale

6. Use Potted plants of the money tree and lucky bamboo tied with red thread are placed in the east of the home or at the financial position

7. The salt lamp has the function of decontamination and cleansing. Put it in the corner of the house to maintain a good gas field

8. Place the frozen ice water in the hallway and drink after it melts to enhance the wisdom of selling houses

9. Normally open air purifier and air conditioner, adjust temperature to maintain air flow

10. Put the charcoal tied with red paper in the 4 corners of the living room, which can also speed up the sale of the house

11. Dip 3 pieces of hibiscus leaves with yin and yang water, and sprinkle them in the house. Purify the magnetic field in the house to attract buyers.

12. The porch can release flowing water for landscaping and aquatic plants, which can effectively drive wealth

13. Put foot pads at the entrance, choose silver, gray, white, and put 6 coins underneath, which can resolve the evil spirits from the outside

If you can achieve the above 13 points, you will definitely get a lot of benefits, and the house will be easy to sell. Good luck!

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