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Feng Shui for the Rich (1)

Feng Shui for the Rich (1)

Why do rich people have big mirrors in their entrances?

Because they know the importance of looking in the mirror to confirm their self-image.

I found that their houses have one thing in common, that is, almost 100% of the hallways have a large mirror. A mirror that can illuminate the whole body is basic. In short, many wealthy people have large mirrors in The entrance,because they can detect themselves "whether the collar is upside down, it's very rude!" They avoid unconsciously making unpleasant and disappointing behaviors, and use their whole bodies to show that they are people who are concerned about the feelings of others. How badly it hurts the image. The rich know the seriousness. It is because of this that the rich should be able to pay attention to their own image in the eyes of others, to perceive the thoughts of others, and to be considerate of others.

Some wealthy people are not only in the hallway, but even in each room there are several mirrors. The more you look in the mirror, the better you can understand how to present yourself, and the air in the room will naturally get better and better. Like I know there is a rich man who cherishes a very old mirror that he likes very much. Paying attention to the mirror is very important, because it is tantamount to paying attention to yourself.

In addition, as far as Feng Shui is concerned, bright entrance is better, and a mirror can be used as a source of light. Therefore, you should put a mirror in the hallway, polish it every day, and illuminate yourself every day. Please take looking in the mirror as the iron law of the rich and imitate it.

But in feng shui ,the mirrors should not shine to bed and door or facing each other ,remember!

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