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Feng shui for Rich (5)

Learn the habits of the rich one day you might become rich too!

「Rich people like a neat and clean environment. 」

Feng Shui often says: "Cleaning can be good luck."

First of all, start by reducing things. Reducing things makes cleaning easier, makes things easier to find, and reduces the interference of redundant information. This is what the rich have in common and the key to a rational life. By maintaining a small number of items and a clean and tidy room, it is natural to develop key insights, efficient thinking, and efficient savings, in order to quickly achieve the goal. The rich understand the truth of the limited life, so they don't waste every minute. The room is trivial, but important. From the rooms of the rich, one can feel their philosophy of life.

Feng Shui is the knowledge about "qi", and Qi refers to the flow of air. The flow of air at home will affect the physical and mental health of residents. If you live in a place where the air is turbid, dim, damp and smelly, you will naturally be in a bad mood. If it accumulates over a long period of time, the adverse effects of the living environment will become a matter of course. In this way, as long as you are in an environment with no money, your head will become more and more chaotic unknowingly. Please take a look, how do you feel in your current room? The rooms that make people feel comfortable should be bright, clean and fragrant. Organizing the room into a room that you feel comfortable is the first step in changing your life. Staying in a comfortable space will make people full of energy, courage, and energy. That is because the positive "qi" in the air increases. As long as the room philosophy of the rich is imitated, the "qi" of the rich thinking in the space will increase. Learning starts with imitation. As long as you try to imitate the rich, you will gradually understand what the rich think is!

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