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ESAT position Feng Shui layout in 2020


# 5 flying star is a fierce star that is easy to attract disasters due to wealth, easy to appear liver and gallbladder diseases and various foot diseases; let the uncertain fortune bring various aspects of unsuccessful, bloody disasters and strange events often occur. Try to avoid putting bedrooms, study rooms and kitchens in this position. To keep the east clean and tidy, you can spread a white or gray carpet on the ground to balance the # 5 flying star bad energy. It is not appropriate to start construction, mining, and construction in the east of the house. If you plan to carry out renovations in this direction, it is best to start construction on a good date.

In 2020, it is not appropriate to place potted plants in the east.

You can choose to display some aquatic plants; there should not be too many ornaments such as porcelain and stone carvings.

Solution: Put five emperor coins, copper lions, copper cocks, copper wind chimes, copper brave troops, and copper unicorns in the east of the house, as well as feng shui decorations. Individuals can also wear copper coins, cormorants, and copper bell ornaments to protect them Bad luck affects fortune stability

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