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Easy divorce house feng shui

Easy divorce house feng shui

Living a long and harmonious life with the person you love is the dream of many people, but in fact, many couples will leave their partners due to various accidents. Among these reasons, some are due to the incompatible personalities of the two parties, some are due to external events, and the feng shui of the house is also one of the main culprits for the divorce. So which house feng shui will cause couples to divorce easily?

Bad feng shui in the living room

The feng shui layout of the living room has no upper and lower sizes. From the perspective of feng shui, the yin and yang are not in harmony, but the reality is that there are no family rules, no big or small. The living room is mainly for activities, communication, etc., so if such a layout appears in the living room at home, it is very likely that the couple will be negligent in the law, emotionally rebellious and very prone to cheating, so that the two will part ways.

The back of the sofa is empty

When placing the sofa in the living room, there are three points that must be paid attention to. First, the sofa should not be placed behind a window to form a back empty ; second, a mirror should not be installed behind the sofa ;third, the main seat of the sofa should not be an aisle. Otherwise, it constitutes the image of the sofa leaning against the air in home Feng Shui. The empty sofa symbolizes that the owner is very easy to drift away and has no intention of returning home, or is homeless. Not only that, once there is such a layout, the peach blossoms outside will unconsciously approach the owner, which will lead to the breakdown of the couple's relationship.

Mess at home

If the relationship between the husband and wife suddenly shows signs of breaking down, then you must pay attention to the hygiene of the home, because once the house is cluttered with clutter, the thought of not wanting to go home will appear in the head of the homeowner, even if he returns home. , the heart will also be very irritable, and there must be at least quarrels and other unpleasant things between husband and wife. This is because if the layout is orderly, the mind will be smooth, and if the layout is disorderly, the mind will be chaotic. When the arrangement at home is disorganized, you must be diligent, which will not only increase your face, but also greatly help the relationship between the couple.

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