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Dog's overall fortune in 2020

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Lucky colors are yellow and pink

Taboo colors are red and green

Dogs born in different dog years have different fortune !!

Dog of the year 1946

Entering 2020, the zodiac dogs have average fortunes, and their mental attention is slightly weakened. It is recommended that everything be done as best they can, and you should not force yourself or challenge the limits. This year's money is good. People who do business live a peaceful and peaceful life in their later years, but they must not talk about others at will, do not interfere in others' idle affairs, and do not mistrust the evildoers to enter a fraud trap. It is advisable to discuss with your family more than anything. This year's zodiac dogs are generally healthy and fortunate. As they get older, they have a slower memory response, are stubborn, and are not good at getting along with people. It is easy to have disputes with peers, often for a trivial matter, the family should guide the elderly to change their temper and reconcile interpersonal relationships. Diet should be less oil and salt, the diet is light and regular.


1958 Dog

Entering 2020, the zodiac dog's fortune is normal, and there are more or less misfortunes affected by Tai Sui, so everything must be careful. In terms of health, it is not recommended to go far away for a long time. Pay attention to traffic safety when going out to avoid abrasions and bleeding. You can evacuate by donating blood and washing your teeth. In terms of marriage, there have been changes over the past year, and a third party may be involved in the relationship. If it is not handled properly, it will fall into a crisis of feelings. In order to avoid the accumulation of bad mood, it is better to hold a banquet in this year, and not to contact people with more negative energy and decadent personality. In terms of money, investment projects have been blocked this year. In order to avoid losing money, it is recommended to take conservative financial management as the first step, and do not try unfamiliar areas at will. You must be fully prepared before investing.


Dog of the year 1970

The zodiac dog in 2020 has a good fortune. There are many opportunities for promotion and salary in the career. You can fully show your personal talents at work, but you must not be too proud. In terms of interpersonal communication, we must be smooth and decent in dealing with people, and we should not conflict with others. Noble people can indirectly enhance the fortune of money. This year's poor money situation may mislead the gossip, leading to serious financial losses, investment in high-risk projects, and ultimately lost money, and even business failures may lead to loss of jobs. All in all, this year's partial fortune was extremely poor, we must not have a mentality of getting rich overnight, and everything must be down to earth.


Dog of the year 1982

Entering 2020, people who are dogs have very bad fortunes, and many accidents are coming. Those who are engaged in driving work should not drive with fatigue and pay attention to traffic safety. Business people have many obstacles in their careers. We must pay attention to the disadvantages of high-risk investment. We must not arbitrarily expand the market area, and we must not rush into new industries. It is recommended to maintain the relationship with customers and improve the quality of service and work efficiency. In terms of emotion, this year's fortunes were extremely bad. Singles were mostly rejected and faced with multiple trials. They were struggling, but they failed to achieve positive results. It is easy for a couple to have differences and disputes. If they are not handled properly, they will face divorce. It is recommended to keep a distance and not be too affectionate.


For Dogs in 1994 2020

In the first half of 2020, those who are dogs have a good fortune. Singles' feelings have developed smoothly this year, but they must pay attention to being single in love. The married person's husband and wife are in harmony, but care should be taken not to focus too much on the relationship, and a personal career plan should be formulated, and work progress should not be affected by personal matters. This year's career is very prosperous. We must strengthen our abilities and insights during the best period of learning, try our best to get the recognition of others, and fully display our personal talents to lay the foundation for future careers. Properly expand your contacts. At the end of the year, there are more noble people to help you, and there are many opportunities for promotion and salary increase.

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