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Do Not construction in this position in 2021

There are three evil spirits every year, and you must not move around. The so-called three evil spirits are the three evil gods living in the mansion in the legend. In 2021, the East will commit the evil spirits.

How to resolve the three evil positions in 2021?

In Business

In 2021, we must know how to stay away from the Three Shas, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble for ourselves. Try not to set the office in the east, and do not rest, stay or talk in this position for a long time during the work process. If the company's office environment is good, you can place a fish tank at the three evil positions, or set up a water dispenser here, which can effectively relieve the evil spirit. In addition, when traveling on business or negotiating business, it is best to avoid the east, otherwise the whole process will definitely not go smoothly, and it will cause a lot of unnecessary troubles for yourself, work and life will become messy, even Be scolded by your boss, you must be careful.

In Wealth

In 2021, whether you are going out to do business or looking for a job, try not to go to the East to look for opportunities, because hope is pretty slim. At the same time, the three evil directions in the home, that is, the east, must be quiet and peaceful. Don't do any decoration and groundbreaking behavior, otherwise, once you disturb the fierce god, you will definitely get a more deadly blow. At the same time, the East must be able to ensure cleanliness and tidiness at all times. Don't set this place as a storage room, let alone pile too many messy things, too noisy household appliances, such as color TVs, refrigerators and stereos, and don't put them here.

In Popularity

In 2021, the eastern part of the home must be spacious and bright. Not only must it be cleaned regularly, but the windows must be opened frequently to ensure ventilation and adequate sunlight. You can place aquariums, fish tanks, or drinking fountains in this position, which can all have a good effect. At the same time, don't set up the bedroom in the east, otherwise it may have a lot of negative effects on you, and you can't take it lightly. You can also place some good luck feng shui items, which can also have a good effect. For example, the Kylin ornaments are quite worth considering. The unicorn is a sacred beast in ancient myths and legends. It can bring a lot of auspicious aura, and can also dissolve the evil aura. It can be said to be placed in the east.

In Love

Although the influence of Three evils spirit on love is not particularly great, if you want to have a happy love and marriage, you should pay more attention to it. In 2021, try not to do strenuous exercises in the east of your home. For example, doing gymnastics, or playing with children here, will bring many negative effects. At the same time, if you go out on a blind date or attend a gathering of friends, try to avoid the East as much as possible, otherwise you may cause a lot of trouble. If the front door of the house in the house is facing the east, although it is not possible to break the ground on a large scale, it is definitely necessary to take timely and effective measures. Pixiu ornaments can be placed at the door. If you are in a rural area, you can also dig a small pool according to the geographical environment. This can have a good effect.

In Health

In 2021, do not set the bedroom in the east, otherwise the quality of sleep at night will deteriorate, and you will even have nightmares frequently, and your physical and mental conditions will become worse. At the same time, after washing your hair and taking a bath, try not to move east, otherwise brain diseases may occur. If you are traveling or visiting relatives, try to avoid the east as much as possible. Otherwise, you may encounter serious accidental bloodshed or even death during the long journey. The consequences are disastrous and should not be taken lightly.

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