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Dead End

The location of the house is very important. When I often go out to see Feng Shui, as long as I look out from the front of the house and look at the number of neighbors on the left and right sides of the house, I can probably know whether the female owner of the house has more rights or the male owner has more rights, because standing The front of the house looks out. If there are more houses on the left, it means that the male owner has more rights and success in career. If there are more houses on the right, it means that the female owner has more rights and needs to take care of everything at home. The road must be passable on the left and right. Don't live in a dead end. For example, if the house is on the right side, if it is a dead end, it will cause bad luck for your master's work and sometimes even health problems. If the left is a dead end. In other words, the car has no way to go at the end of the car and has to turn back to get out. This means that the fortune of the male owner of the house is not good, and there will be problems with health. The job is often changed, so many people like to live in a dead end because they think it is quieter and better. In fact, it is not necessarily right to gather money, so everyone must pay attention to the location when choosing a house

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