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Cow's overall fortune in 2020

2020 lucky color is yellow and white

2020 taboo colors are red and green

1949 Cow

In 2020,you are easy to be entangled by the disease and health was declining. You should not stay outdoors for too long, and be careful of gout, cold and other symptoms affected by cold. Should not exercise for a long time, proper exercise is good for physical and mental health, but the elderly can not afford high-intensity training. Do not worry about it, once it is not handled properly, it will cause trouble and bring accidents. This year, it is recommended to control emotions, avoid verbal disputes with people, and reduce the number of outings to prevent sudden symptoms. In terms of money, the pension is abundant, and more attention is paid to the physical and mental health of the elderly. Remember that you must not mistrust the wicked to make high-risk investments and fall into a fraud trap.


1961 Cow

In 2020,you have a good fortune, and there are noble people in the fortune to help. If you can seize the opportunity, the career will develop smoothly, and the probability of promotion and salary increase at the end of the year is very high. However, you must pay attention to interpersonal communication. Do not have too many disputes with colleagues due to small things, do not gossip,becareful get along with bad friends, and be caught in a money scam. It is recommended to do as much as possible in your career, and do everything yourself; those who do business can appropriately expand the size of the enterprise and try to set foot in emerging enterprises. In terms of health, although there are no major illnesses, there are accidents, especially bronchial and kidney diseases. It is recommended to maintain a regular routine, eat a light diet, and quit smoking and alcohol.


1973 Cow

Earlier 2020, your financial performance was not good, and large-scale investment is not recommended in the area of ​​partial wealth. Speculative profits cannot be selected. In order to avoid loss of money, it is recommended to focus on positive wealth. There are many obstacles in the career, and it is easy to be complained by customers. The performance is not satisfactory or there is a direct conflict with the boss, which leads to work restrictions. There is a dispute between right and wrong with colleagues at work, which affects the harmony of interpersonal communication and makes it difficult to carry out business. Mid-year began to have a stable fortune. With the help of your nobles, all previous efforts will be rewarded and saved to a considerable savings. As long as you can control consumer desire and stay away from villains, the fortune will gradually increase by the end of the year.


1985 Cow

Entering 2020, your business will usher in a turning point, and there will be good job opportunities, which may be approved by the boss. As long as you can actively strive for opportunities, show your talents in an all-round way, improve work efficiency, and dare to break through when there are problems, you will definitely have the opportunity to be promoted and raised at the end of the year. However, different positions and different heights will bear different workplace pressures. You may wish to use your free time to enhance your knowledge and insights. Emotionally, this year's singles have had a may met good people through friend introductions, It is not recommended to enter a new relationship too quickly. Married people have been under pressure from various parties this year, and are susceptible to outside influences.


1997 Cow 

Entering 2020, those who are studying will soon end their student careers and enter society. There may be confusion about future careers and uncertainty in career planning. If your academic performance is affected by your emotions, it is recommended to talk to your family about your thoughts, or consult with the dean and teacher to rationally set life goals. In the workplace, people must learn to maintain good interpersonal relationships, and pay more energy and effort than others. Solve problems with an open mind, proactively pursue breakthroughs, use free time to enroll in career-related courses, strengthen knowledge and insights, and lay the foundation for the future. Don't focus too much on personal emotions. This year's emotional fortune is not good. It is not recommended to start a new relationship.

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