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Can the big tree face the door?

Can the big tree face the door? What is it about? What is the evil of the big tree facing the door?

The gate is facing a big tree. It is generally called (Dingxin Sha) in Fengshui. If it is less than three feet away from the gate, it will raise the shame, forming an extremely bad Feng Shui situation.

If the big tree is located on the left side of the gate, it is a green dragon tree, which has the function of supporting the shade of the house, representing a male nobleman. If the big tree is on the right and there is no tree of the same height on the left to cooperate, it is a white tiger tree, which means that the yin person enters the house. , Women are in power or there are women's peach blossoms.

Whether a big tree brings good luck or bad luck depends on whether the tree sits on the side of the green dragon and whether the shape of the tree brings a shock, but also depends on whether the position of the tree will affect family members.

Those who have a big tree in front of the door will obstruct the yang energy from entering and make the yin energy flourish. Judging from the current perspective, there are big trees in front of the door and inconvenient transportation, and it is easy to cause the danger of lightning strikes, and the residence will be contaminated by fallen leaves. In addition, the big tree in front of the door will block people’s realization, cannot look far away, and their vision will be damaged, which will cause emotional distress and depression, which will affect the health of the owner. The door is the "angry" entrance, which is as important as humans. throat.

If barriers are placed on the "breath", the "qi" that maintains life will be hindered, and it is rare to be angry, how can people live a long and healthy life.

The so-called tree at the door means that there is a big tree in front of the door. The impact of the tree against the evil spirits affects the house's qi and damages the fortune.

There is a big tree in front of the house, and a widow is out of the house. Two trees in front of the door, the woman hanged herself to death. The vines in front of the door hang around the trees and hang themselves unattended.

Whether the tree hits the evil or not can be judged according to the following two points:

First look at the distance. If the distance between the doors and windows and the trees is more than 10 meters, the evil spirit is relatively small and generally does not need to be resolved.

Second, look at the azimuth angle. If the angle of view between doors, windows and trees exceeds 30 degrees, the evil spirit is relatively small and generally does not need to be resolved.

The ancients said that "a tree is auspicious to the house, and it is fierce when it is back to the house." If a tree is competing for the living space with the house, then it must form a tendency to deviate from the house and constitute a tree collision. On the contrary, if the tree and the house are friendly, then the two "support" each other to shade the house from the wind, which is helpful to the building quality of the house and the health of the occupants.

The following is the resolution method, you can choose one of them.

1. The method of avoidance is to change the direction of the door and change the direction of the door.

2. Elimination method. For example, open the door to see the tree, and remove the big tree.

3. The method of regulating qi and resolving. May you ask the five elements and gossip fuzhen house to regulate the qi. The Five Elements Bagua Blessing stimulates the energy flow of the Five Elements and regulates the balance of Yin and Yang Qi field. The circulation of the five elements generates vigor, and the harmony of yin and yang is auspicious. It can effectively promote home transport and resolve the adverse effects of foreign objects on the collision of the gate.

4. Use the gossip mirror with caution. Some feng shui masters suggest to use the gossip convex mirror to align the tree with the evil spirit to resolve it, which is not appropriate. The gossip mirror itself is a thing of yin and coldness, and the tree hitting the evil spirit is also feminine, so it is not appropriate to use the gossip mirror to resolve the tree hitting evil.

5. Between the tree and the main gate (does not affect walking), plant a little lower flowers and plants that like a sheltered environment. The yin qi will be concentrated to the flowers and plants, and the flowers and plants will absorb these yin qi.

The tree is wood, and the wood faces the door → "STUCK". Generally, northern houses are taboo to plant trees facing the door. It is superstition and it makes sense. There are trees at the door and it’s not convenient to move things in and out.

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