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Bad feng shui , Sofa under the window

Many families have almost the same feng shui furnishing error, which is to put the sofa under the window. Because they said that when the house moved in, the plug position was on the wall, so put the TV on the opposite side of the sofa, and the sofa had to be placed under the window. But to have good feng shui, you must have some good feng shui knowledge so as not to affect your life due to the design error of the house.

When we are in the living room, we most often sit on the sofa, and therefore the sofa represents people. The Feng Shui Society recommends that the "sofa against the wall" form a "backing", so that when family members sit on the sofa, they can rely on it and prevent unknown situations, making the family prosperous. From the perspective of visual psychology, the sofa against the wall can increase the sense of security and make sitting on the sofa feel at ease. If the home pattern is not suitable for the sofa against the wall, you can use a screen or low cabinet to place it behind the sofa to form an "artificial backing." The sofa is easy to attract villains by the window on the feng shui, because the back of the window is easy to be spied out of the window, and you cannot control the people and things behind it. Short life, if the layout of the home cannot be changed, it is recommended to set curtains to block it.

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