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4 things that should be taboo when a person is in bad luck?

Not everyone can have good luck in life. There are always various unsatisfactory moments. So, from the perspective of numerology and metaphysics, what can we do when we are in decline? Is it to change immediately or wait for time to pass slowly? Of course, I suggest a change, because the so-called confession is actually just an excuse for being lazy.

4 things that should be taboo when a person is in bad luck?

1. Change jobs frequently.

Some people seem to have a needle in their buttocks, and they can’t sit securely anywhere. This company works for a few days and that company works for a few days. This is a bad practice.

2. Investment

Investment needs more vigorous energy to support it, and investing when it is full of depression will only lose out.

3. Lend money to others

Unless your bad luck does not affect your wealth, then you can use bloodletting therapy, which is equivalent to detoxification. But if your bad luck is also due to work and wealth, you will be out of luck if you bleed again.

4. Gambling or going to make money.

If you go gambling or make a fortune when you go bad, the bad luck at this time is easy to bring blood and light.

Things you can do to change bad luck

The first thing you can do is to hold a happy event or participate in a happy event.

The so-called Chongxi is the truth. The happy event is coming, can have good luck, can get rid of all kinds of bad luck. There are several ways to do it here, one is to hold the wedding on your own. One is the failure of parents and their children hold weddings. Others are to attend the wedding. Why can Chongxi achieve the effect of eliminating bad luck? In fact, the reason is very simple. Happy events come, talents gather, and connections can activate a person’s vitality; happy events usually set off firecrackers. The sulfur in the firecrackers is a very good antidote, which can drive some sickness away. Immunity can be improved as a result; adding more wisdom to a person; from a metaphysical perspective, happy events are prosperous, yang qi wins, can expel evil and evil spirits, and can keep away the ghosts and charms that are attached to the house or on the body that cause degeneration.

The second thing you can do is to change your dress and hairstyle.

Going to see some Feng Shui, you will find that some people's dresses are really not very good, the whole person is decadent, and there is no energy at all. In fact, the fortune is like this. The more you are not shy or take care of yourself, the worse you will be. A very simple reason is that you don't value yourself anymore. Can you expect others to value you? Therefore, people who are declining should change into fresh clothes, keep their body clean and tidy, give up the dark-clouded hairstyle, and avoid pursuing any messy beauty! Don't pursue decadent art, because you are not an art person. Besides, people who do art also let people look at the work, not the mess on you! If your appearance really affects your outlook, plastic surgery is indeed a good way. Remember one thing: At all times, when your hair is not messy and your body is clean, warm-toned clothes can make people look at the spirit! People can make others see the spirit, and your good fortune will be superimposed! This is the icing on the cake.

The third thing that can be done is: use Feng Shui Five Emperor Copper Coins to change your fortune

Five emperor money is an important pendant to protect the health and safety of the family. Five emperors money refers to the five most powerful emperors of Shunzhi, Kangxi, Yongzheng, Qianlong, and Jiaqing in the Qing Dynasty. It is said to have the effect of blocking evil, preventing villains, avoiding evil, and making money.

Five emperor money can resolve various evil spirits:

Sickness of bad aura: second-hand houses or second-hand cars have a bad aura, which will also affect the new owner.

The door is shot by the corner: it will be damaged, car accidents, blood and light disasters, it is suitable to cooperate with Pixiu or Bagua mirror.

Offending the road and rushing to the evil: Injuries, car accidents, financial officials, etc., should cooperate with Pi Xiu or gossip mirror.

The placement of the Five Emperors' Money

1. Put a string of five emperors money in the living room, company, god position, etc., which can be used to avoid bad luck, and can make the house and wealth prosper.

2. The Five Emperors' money should be placed in the financial position in the residence or in the vault or safe, which has the effect of stimulating wealth.

3. Hang the five emperor money in the car, which can be used for decoration and safety.

People are three-section grass, and there is always one section good. Recently, if people have troubles in their careers, feelings, money fortunes, many small people around them, and people who want to do a big business and make investments, it is recommended to use [Five Emperor Qian Feng Shui Ling] as auspicious jewelry, and you will receive five emperors money. The blessing of God will bring you extraordinary good fortune. It can help prosperous wealth to profit, avoid the disturbance of leaking and breaking wealth, gather wealth, and money will come in. Carry it with you or leave it at home to ward off evil spirits, eliminate disasters, turn bad luck, and eliminate troubles!

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