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4 Lucky Secrets, Let you Get Rich Earlier!

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

1. Brightly lit up for wealth

The God of Wealth likes brightly lit places, especially at the gates, but also to illuminate the way for wealth to come to the door. This is the entrance and exit of wealth. If it is dim here, it is very unfavorable for family luck. In addition, the five elements of light are fire, so use fire It promotes prosperity, dispels bad luck, and has a significant effect on attracting wealth. This is the most important tip for fortune.

2. Bright financial position absorbs wealth

The financial position controls the wealth accumulation in the family, and the quality of the financial position Feng Shui directly determines the wealth of the entire family. I believe that friends who are slightly concerned about Feng Shui know that the most important financial position in the family is generally on the diagonal of the entrance. In Feng Shui, you must pay attention to these few taboos: First, find the most important thing in the family's financial position. In Feng Shui, the financial position is calculated based on the house structure and the family's horoscope, and cannot rely on subjective guesswork; The second is to ensure that the yang is strong, and it is best to put sunny plants to promote wealth in the family; the third is to avoid water in the financial position, and fish tanks should not be placed here, and the fish tanks are best placed in the fierce position of the home; fourth is the financial position to be quiet It is not suitable to move, you can display the lucky mascot, but it must be calculated according to the five elements.

3. Lucky Green Plants Prosper Fortune

In feng shui, green plants for fortune have always been popular with everyone, but remember, if you put lucky plants in your home, you must pay attention to the five elements of Yin and Yang. Soil plants and the five elements belong to the soil, so they are best placed on the soil. The five elements of plants belong to water, so you must not put it on the financial position. You can find the water level in your home and promote wealth. In addition, different orientations represent different attributes. Generally speaking, the east is wood, the west is metal, the north is water, and the south is fire. In the west, soil plants such as Tuwang gold are the most prosperous fortune.

4. Foot pads shop for wealth

Nowadays, more and more people choose to put foot mats at the door or put carpets in the living room. Although these things seem inconspicuous, they greatly affect the fortune of wealth. If they choose incorrectly, the God of Wealth will not enter the house. Remember, no matter where the carpet is, the choice of color is the most important. It must conform to the five-element numerology to spread good fortune. If the door is in the south and the mat is red, it will be good for wealth and luck. If the door is in the south, choose Black and white floor mats, water and fire are difficult to tolerate, the magnetic field is disordered, from the light to the fortune, the heavy to the wealth and the leak.

Pay attention to the above four aspects of Fengshui Fengshui. I believe it will definitely change the status quo and create Fengshui Fengshui. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. If there are any Fengshui issues, we can discuss and study together. Finally, I wish you all good luck, good luck, and fortune.

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