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2021 Feng Shui layout

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

1. Any space can be divided into equal nine square grids for Feng Shui layout. You can divide the whole home into nine square grids, and the same principle can also be applied to your desk furnishings, business card design, the base map of the computer desktop, and even you can choose a good location when you go to a coffee shop!

2. The Jiugong Fei Xing is based on the five elements to generate gram. Assuming that a certain grid needs "wood", we will choose to put something with wood energy in that position. At this time "material" is always the most important. The material is the material and essence of the composition of the item, so it is most useful to put a piece of wood or a potted plant in this grid, and then it is to display items with wood color (green).

3. The evil side side should not move

2021 the evil side: East, north, southwest, southeast

4. Promote the position according to your own work

It is sometimes difficult to arrange life needs completely according to the five elements. At this time, you have to arrange your priorities according to your own life style. For example, if you are a business person with a zero base salary and high bonuses, it may not be necessary to promote the west side ,You should give priority to promoting your partial wealth Which the center of house.If you are a public official, you should give priority to urging your nobles. If you are a coffee shop, it should be the first priority to promote your popularity.

The good and bad directions of Jiuxing Fengshui in 2021


Wenchang position (examinations, studies, wisdom, children)

Appropriate: Enhance the energy of wood. Hydroponic plants (Golden Kudzu, Lucky Bamboo, etc.), wooden Wenchang pens (you can buy them online, it is better to go to the temple to worship them first), green and cyan items


Positive financial position (fortune, business, money from occupation)

Appropriate: Enhance the energy of soil. Soil cultivation plants (herbs are suitable, woody plants are not suitable), dark yellow, brown items. It is suitable for placing lucky objects, such as brave, citrine, the fortune money from the temple, and 6 new 100 yuan banknotes in a red envelope.


Noble/Stage Horse (Popularity, Peach Blossoms, Good Changes such as Promotion, Travel)

Appropriate: Enhance the energy of water. Fish tanks, small pools, pink crystals, black crystals, black or blue items (Mediterranean style)


Disease signs (physical health, blocked energy)

Appropriate: Strengthen the energy of gold, the energy used to relieve illness. For example: metal statues or small objects to stop the brakes, music boxes (just turn around and use the sound of metal to create gold energy), metal objects (bookcases, mobile phone holders, stationery, etc.), five emperors in the temple Money, white, gray or silver items.

Inappropriate: It is not advisable to place items that can increase the energy of "earth" and "fire", so as not to promote the disease charm.


Turn off the shame (damage, disaster, most fierce star)

Appropriate: Strengthen the energy of gold to relieve the energy of Guan Sha (refer to the north). The peaceful charms requested from statues, Buddhist halls, and temples are suitable to be placed here. This position should be kept clean and unobstructed, and no hoarding of items is allowed. It is also a good choice to light essential oil lamps or incense in a place.

Unsuitable: It is not advisable to place items that can increase the energy of "earth" and "fire", so as not to urge the evil spirits.


The position of joy (marriage, celebration, love, pregnancy)

Should: enhance the energy of fire. Red crystals, red potted plants (Christmas red, peony, rose... etc.), red and purple related items.


Official non-position (mouth, lawsuit, villain)

Appropriate: Increase the energy of the fire and burn the bad wood (refer to the northeast).

Unsuitable: It should not be placed to increase the energy of "water" and "wood", so as not to nourish official evil. In particular, fake flowers or plastic plants cannot be placed, as it is easy to recruit villains.


2021 Feng Shui layout (poor money, thieves, people or money or heart stolen)

Appropriate: Strengthen the energy of water to vent the energy of robbery (refer to the south)

Inappropriate: Do not place energy that can increase "gold" or "earth", so as not to nourish thieves.


Partial financial position (income from non-full-time employment, business bonus, Chinese invoice lottery)

Should: enhance the energy of gold. The money for making a fortune from the temple (if it is made of metal, it is appropriate to put it here)

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