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10 Feng Shui that caused a Breakup

Modern marriage faces many temptations and becomes more and more fragile. Managing a good marriage can be said to be a compulsory course for everyone. Good feng shui promotes love and harmony between husband and wife; unfavorable feng shui can easily lead to frequent quarrels and marital crisis.

So what do couples pay attention to in Feng Shui? Today, I’ll talk about the feng shui disadvantages of marriage. You can adjust and improve according to your own situation.

1. The bedroom should put photos of sweet couples or wedding photos. It is not allowed to put pictures of other friends or family members and parents in the room. Don’t put too many photos of yourself, especially single photos. If you want to put photos of family members or friends, they should be placed on the aisle outside the room. It’s usually the easiest to post pictures of movie stars and singers at home. This is all in Feng Shui. A symbol of third-party intervention will also affect the relationship between lovers and husband and wife.

2. The house or room lacks northwest or southwest or both. Houses with missing corners are the easiest to quarrel and break up, and couples are likely to be widowed. The missing corners must be arranged in accordance with the five elements in the missing position. Generally speaking, it is not recommended to buy houses in the northwest and southwest, because this has a great impact on the family. If you are not paying attention, you will lose your loved ones and cause wealth for the family. problem.

3. There cannot be two kitchens or two or two gas stoves in the home. One kitchen is one stove and represents one home. If there are two kitchens or two stoves in a house, it means that there are two wives. This is a very bad situation. Now many large houses have added Chinese kitchens. This is a taboo in Feng Shui, which can easily lead to marriage The phenomenon of broken affair, so many situations are caused by the layout of the house. Of course, some of them may be added by themselves when modifying the house, or they may be caused by themselves. Sometimes it is caused by the addition of mirrors and glass in the kitchen. , Or reflective stainless steel decoration, will make the kitchen reflect one more stove. This is where everyone pays little attention.

4. Too many doors

Nowadays, people are decorating for convenience. The locker room door, balcony door, bathroom door and even the study door in the bedroom, but in Feng Shui, too many bedroom doors are not conducive to the pattern of Feng Shui. Feng Shui has "more doors, more mouths, more mouths, more troubles". The door of the master bedroom, such a layout of Feng Shui can easily attract the minor three to step in, or someone derails between the two, which will also lead to a crisis in the relationship between the couple. The door of the room facing the door of the room is also the reason for the duplicity, so be sure to avoid the door facing the room as much as possible. If there is a door to the door, you can use a curtain as a barrier to improve

5. There is too much difference in height between the left and right of the house

In Feng Shui, the left represents men and the right represents women. If there is a tall cabinet on the left in the living room, there is almost nothing on the right, or there may be a tall building or a large hillside on the left outside of the house, but there is nothing on the right. Then it will cause the left side to be too strong, the husband will become stronger and stronger, and the bigger and bigger men will not listen to his wife. On the other hand, if there is a house on the right and no house on the left, it will also cause a man’s aura to be injured, and he will not be able to stay in this house, because it belongs to a single woman’s house.

6. Bedridden Feng Shui error

In Feng Shui, bed is the first factor that affects feelings. For example, if the headboard of the bed is in the west, it is easy to cause emotional breakdown. The right side of the headboard is wider than the left side, which is not good for fortune. There are mirrors on the opposite or side of the bed. Putting things like pigs, dogs, sheeps, these things are not conducive to feelings in Feng Shui pattern.

7. The direction of the bedroom is not good

The position of the bedroom in the home feng shui will affect a person's fortune, and it will also determine the emotional fortune of the couple. If the bedroom is in auspicious position, then the relationship is a harmonious marriage and a happy marriage. However, if the bedroom is at the evil position, it will affect the feelings. The position of the bedroom can be measured with a compass, and then the magnetic field can be determined according to the distribution of the Xuankong Fengshui layout.

8. Water and fire are incompatible

In residential feng shui, the inability of water and fire mainly refers to the problem of the kitchen stove and the tap. Normally, the five elements of the stove in the Feng Shui kitchen belong to fire and represent the hostess, while the faucet in the kitchen represents the male host.

If the stove and the faucet are hedged, especially at close range, it means that couples are prone to talk and cause separation.

9. No wall behind the sofa

In residential feng shui, we need to pay attention to feng shui when placing the sofa, otherwise it will easily lead to emotional discord between the couple.

One is that the sofa should not be back against the window; the second is that no mirror should be installed behind the sofa; the third is that the back of the sofa should not be the aisle. Otherwise, it constitutes a sofa in the home feng shui theory, which means that the owner of the home is easy to drift away, does not want to return home, or has a home hard to return, which will naturally lead to the ultimate breakdown of the relationship between the couple and seek a second marriage .

10. The door has different sizes on the left and right

According to ancient books, if the left is big and the right is small, it means that the family must be divorced or the wife died early.

Elephant; if the door on the right is large and the door on the left is small, it means that the family is prone to divorce or early death of the husband. The right side of Feng Shui represents women. If the door on the right is small when viewed from inside the house, it will usually affect the health of the hostess. Or accidental injuries may occur. If the door on the right is too small, the hostess's status at home will be low. The situation occurs, and it is easy for husbands and wives to have "separation of life and death, and more together".

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