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Why yearly feng shui layout is important?

After the winter solstice, you will slowly enter the breath of the next year. In other words, if you want to start arranging the Feng Shui for the next year, you can start after the winter solstice.

Here you may have questions: "Hey, doesn't it all say on TV that opening the door diagonally is the financial position? Then why is Feng Shui arranged every year?"

There are actually many schools of Fengshui. Most of the people seen on TV are Xingjia School. Simply put, it is a school that looks at the various shapes and movements of the home with your eyes. For example, entering the door diagonally is a method of Xingjia School, but If your family’s financial position is always in the same place, then as long as you arrange it well, in theory, your fortune will be good every year, and even everyone will get rich, but in fact it is not (of course, you also need to take into account your personal luck.) Therefore, in other schools of Feng Shui, such as Jiugong Fei Xing, San Yuan Xuan Kong, etc., the factor of "time" will be added. In other words, the financial position of each person and each year will be different. For example, the financial position in 2019 is The location of the central palace, that is, the center of the house, if it is arranged properly, the wealth fortune will be good for the year. Therefore, you must make some Fengshui changes according to the location each year to maximize the benefits of Feng Shui.

And you may ask, as long as the feng shui arrangement is done, will you have a smoother life?

of course not!

Anyone who has studied numerology knows one sentence: one fate, two fortunes, three geomantic omen, four readings, five accumulating yin virtues. The above five elements are an important sequence that affects your life. The eight characters are fixed when you are born. This is fate, every ten years. There are good luck and bad luck. This is luck (I personally think luck is more important than fate). The third one is Feng Shui. If your fate and luck are not good, you can at least rely on Feng Shui to make up some more points, Jane In other words, whether the year is good or not, the Universiade and the fleeting year are the most influential. The year is very good for you. Proper fengshui arrangement makes you better. The year is very bad for you. Proper fengshui arrangement will make you better. Don’t be so bad. If the layout of feng shui is not good, then you may be worse. Feng shui is a plus point, so why not do it without affecting the quality of life?

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