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Why is Feng Shui different for houses in the same direction?

With the progress of social civilization and development, the buildings we live in are getting taller and taller, causing many houses to sit up together. For an 18-story residential building, if we only decide the good or bad for a house from the sitting position, does it mean that the first to 18th floors of this house have exactly the same Feng Shui situation? Of course you can't say that. But these residences are almost the same in the big feng shui.

For example, if the house on the 5th floor makes a noise, the residents living on the 6th floor may have been harassed by car horns, but not all houses in one unit will consider it a harassment. Because the magnetic field is always affected by "people". People themselves also have a magnetic field. When a person moves into a house, the original magnetic field of the house is affected by the person's magnetic field and changes.

In addition,we use a compass to measure the sitting direction of the house. There is still a slight gap between the houses in the same unit. The difference in the height of the floor, coupled with the slight difference in the location of the measuring station, will cause the pointer of the compass to change, resulting in a change in the sitting direction of the house.

A person who likes metal in the five elements lives in a nearby house with noisy car horns. Not only will he not be troubled, but he will feel at ease. If a person who doesn’t like metal in the five elements lives in such a house, then the car horn and sound formed a kind of evil to him, which not only made him feel irritable and unable to concentrate, but also affected his career and health. This is how different people react differently to the same magnetic field.

It can be seen from the above example that Feng Shui is actually a human factor. Human needs and circumstances make different responses to the magnetic field, which leads to changes in residential Feng Shui due to people.

The sitting direction of a house itself will not change, but after people move in, they will change due to different needs. Therefore, when looking at residential feng shui, the human factor is an indispensable reference material.

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