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Which feng shui objects should be worn in the 2021 zodiac are more auspicious?

When we are out of luck, we will buy auspicious items to help us get lucky. After 2021, many people's fortunes are still unsatisfactory, and some fortunes plummet. At this time, we need to wear items to help ourselves eliminate disasters and evil spirits. , Then what pendant will the Chinese zodiac wear in 2021?

  The rat 2021 wears a cow pendant auspicious

   If you wear a pendant that matches the Chinese zodiac in 2021, it will promote your career progress. Although the rat people are very clever, sometimes they are too caressed. When getting along with others, they tend to go beyond scale in their words and actions, leaving people with unpleasant feelings. Wearing a zodiac ox pendant can help the rat people regulate their words and deeds, and become calm when interacting with others. In addition, the zodiac ox pendant will bring a career nobleman to the rat people. Even if there are some small mistakes in the work process, it will be resolved with the help of the nobleman.

   Cattle 2021 requires a mouse pendant auspicious

   When the fortune is bad, it is a good practice to wear the zodiac that matches the zodiac. It is recommended that the ox of 2021 choose the same zodiac to wear as the mascot, which can help the cattle to improve their fortune in all aspects. People who belong to the cattle have relatively dull personality, and they are more prone to difficulties in the workplace. Wearing a zodiac rat pendant can help them improve the luck of the nobles in the workplace, and at the same time help resolve their own unfavorable magnetic fields. In addition, it is easy to offend villains during the birth year. Although the cattle are highly respected by others, they have to be guarded in this regard in 2021.

   Tiger 2021 wears pig pendant auspicious

   Tiger people in 2021 can choose the pig pendant as their mascot. Because the tiger of the Chinese zodiac and the pig of the Chinese zodiac are the same, although the fortune of the tiger is stable this year, there are not many nobles. The mascot pendant of the zodiac pig can help the tigers meet more nobles in the workplace. The appearance of the other will be Help the tigers survive the crisis in career and wealth. Tiger people have a good face and don’t know how to show weakness. They often offend others in the workplace. This year, they should be alert to arouse the envy of others and affect their work. These character problems can be alleviated by tiger people with the help of pig pendants of the zodiac to help improve their luck in work and life.

   Rabbit 2021 wears dog pendant Geely

   The zodiac dog and the zodiac rabbit are the same. If you choose auspicious pendants, the zodiac dog is the first choice. Because rabbits in 2021 will encounter certain obstacles in relationship, especially single people will feel more lonely and lonely, but they will not have the opportunity to contact the opposite sex, resulting in a sense of inner security. Wearing zodiac dog accessories can not only enhance the bunny people’s peach blossom fortune, but also enable people who already have a partner to communicate with their lovers smoothly. Rabbits in 2021 will be in a state of depression for a long time. If they are not resolved properly, serious conflicts may occur in their interpersonal relationships.

  The dragon 2021 wears a chicken pendant auspicious

   2021 dragon people can choose the zodiac chicken pendant as their mascot. The biggest shortcoming of the dragon is that the emotional intelligence is too low. When communicating with others, the speech is not smooth enough, and it is easy to expose their shortcomings. This will become their fatal weakness in 2021, leading to a greater blow to the cause of the dragon and missing many hard-won opportunities. Wearing a zodiac chicken pendant will greatly help the dragon's career and help them meet noble people in the workplace. With the help of noble people, coupled with the wisdom of the dragon, if you seize the opportunity, you can still work hard this year.

   Snake 2021 wears monkey pendant auspicious

   The main problem of snakes in 2021 is still from the emotional aspect. Although the career is booming this year, the relationship with family and husband and wife is not ideal. The zodiac snake is reluctant to express his heart. Although he desires others to care, he has to pretend not to care. Wearing the monkey pendant of the Chinese zodiac in 2021 can help snakes through emotional crisis, have more affinity, and be more decisive when dealing with emotional problems. Snake people look very powerful, but they are vulnerable to emotions. Wearing a monkey-shaped pendant in 2021 can help them broaden their minds. Even if they experience a breakup, they can get out quickly without affecting their overall state.

   Horse 2021 wears a lucky charm

   People born in the year of 2021 are horses, they can wear a zodiac goat pendant to aid transport. In 2021, the horses will be affected by the evil star, and there will be a risk of financial loss, but the main impact is on consumption issues. The horses who have been spending a lot of money this year are easy to spend money. In the case of poor income, if they do not change themselves, 2021 will be difficult. The zodiac sheep pendant can help horse people to keep their money, and if they encounter money calculations from people who are interested, they can also cleverly avoid them. The zodiac sheep pendant is helpful to the horse people's financial management, and at the same time, it can also prevent the villains from making chaos. The horses in 2021 should focus on increasing income and reducing expenditure, otherwise all efforts will be wasted.

   Sheep 2021 wears auspicious horse pendant

   In 2021, the main crisis of the family of sheep is money. This year, there will be a lot of interference in the fortune of money. Since there will be more villains around the sheep in 2021, it makes people unable to resist. Wearing a zodiac horse pendant will bring noble luck to the sheep, and someone will help solve it in time when there is a crisis. At the same time, in terms of money, wearing a zodiac horse pendant will also attract wealth for the sheep. I believe that with the help of the mascots and the fact that the sheep are more cautious, the financial crisis in 2021 will be reduced a lot. If you work harder, you may get small money. Although it has an impact on fortune, if you handle it properly, you can still survive the crisis.

   Monkey 2021 wears snake pendant lucky

   The monkey and the snake in the Chinese zodiac are the same zodiac. Therefore, wearing the snake pendant in 2021 will help the monkeys have a sense of direction in the workplace and also have the concept of financial management. Although the overall fortune of the monkeys in 2021 is very strong, it is easy to lose yourself because of a smooth life. Monkey people love to play very much, and their interpersonal relationships are also more complicated. They often give people the impression of being playful. Moreover, the Chinese zodiac monkey is too simple to believe in others' words, so 2021 is likely to become a target for others to use. Therefore, using the zodiac snake as a mascot can avoid being deceived and calculated by the villain.

   Genus Chicken 2021 wears dragon pendant Geely

   Roosters in 2021 are easily involved in noisy disputes, and there is also the possibility of being conspired by villains no matter in the workplace or in life. Wearing a zodiac dragon pendant can help the chickens stay away from these injuries and avoid accidents. Although the chickens have high emotional intelligence, they are always too righteous, so they always give everything for their friends. However, in 2021, you should think more about yourself, and don't talk nonsense in front of others for the sake of face, otherwise it will be easy to do bad things with kind intentions.

   Dog 2021 wears rabbit pendant Geely

   People who belong to the dog family in 2021 are easy to get involved in disputes, and most of the friends who belong to the dog family are relatively straightforward. Therefore, in 2021, it is easy to get emotional and conflict with others. Wearing a zodiac rabbit pendant in 2021 can help friends who belong to the dog family have good luck and meet noble people in the workplace. In fact, in 2021, the dog person will not have a particularly bad fortune star. As long as he can adjust himself, he can still get through it smoothly. Although dog people are very simple and honest, sometimes they are too stubborn, which inevitably suffers in the workplace. Therefore, in 2021, you can use the power of the zodiac rabbit pendant to provide you with keen judgment and improve the right and wrong processing ability.

   Pig 2021 wears tiger pendant Geely

   Although the overall fortune of the pigs in 2021 is good, they still need to take the first step boldly. Although pigs are smart, they often behave too lazily. In the case of increased work pressure this year, they are also prone to various problems. Wearing a pendant of the Chinese zodiac tiger can help the pigs to resolve the problems that appear in the workplace, and it can also bring opportunities to the pigs. The nobles around will help friends who belong to the pig to a higher level in their careers, but the premise is that they must maintain a humble and diligent attitude, otherwise it will not help. In particular, the matter of laziness must not be manifested in front of the public.

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