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Where is the Tai Sui position in 2021? How to resolve the Tai Sui position in Feng Shui?

In 2021, Tai Sui will be in the northeast, and Sui Po, which is opposite to Tai Sui, will be in the southwest. "Do not break ground on Tai Sui's head." The position where Tai Sui sits every year is a respectable position. It should be quiet but not moving. Feng Shui should avoid impulsive Tai Sui Fang. The feng shui mantra has "the house prisoner is Tai Sui, and he is often wicked", which is the feng shui direction of Tai Sui.

1. Any home or office door facing Tai Sui is a violation of Tai Sui.

2. Tai Sui Fang should not sit or sleep. If his desk and bed are in the Tai Sui position or Sui Po Fang indoors, it is a violation of Tai Sui Fang.

3. Going to Tai Sui or Sui Po to study, do business, and seek money is also a violation of Tai Sui, and needs to be resolved carefully.

4. Construction is not allowed in Tai Sui's direction. If there is construction site construction and excavation in the northeast Tai Sui outside of your house in 2021, this is ground breaking

5. The Tai Sui direction should be kept clean. Don't pile up messy clutter, such as trash cans, worn-out clothes, furniture, etc., so as not to produce a bad gas field and harm the health of family members.

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