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Where is the living room financial position?

Where is the living room financial position? 10 good luck skills are open!

The financial position of the living room is related to whether a family is prosperous or not, and it is related to the life of the owner.

"Wealth" is the source of life, and "house" is the foundation of body protection.

If the living room has a good financial position, the financial resources will be prosperous.

The financial position of the living room is determined based on the forty-five degree position diagonally opposite the front door of the living room. The living room financial position belongs to the "four auspicious positions". This person is most suitable for being vigorous, auspicious and vivid.

The design principles of wealth management:

Gather vitality, be bright, clean, harmonious and auspicious

Following the above principles, the following auspicious decorations can be carried out in the living room financial position:

Place the cornucopia

The cornucopia not only gathers treasures from all directions, but also gathers popularity from all quarters, and both people and wealth are prosperous.

Place the Lucky Beast

A pair of fortune beasts recruited the money from outside, guarding the left and right gold barrels filled with gold ingots. They have a strong ability to gather money and can attract fortune.

Place green plants that are consistent with the homeowner’s numerology

Green plants should choose large leaves and thick shiny leaves, such as: Ornithogalum, Fortune tree, Golden kumquat, Kumquat, etc.

The lush foliage, full fruit, and verdant color can add vitality to the home and achieve the effect of "prosperity". It can also reconcile indoor vitality to promote longevity.

Living room finances and auspicious furnishings should be cleaned and kept clean and bright frequently.

There are many particulars about the layout of the financial position, the following ten points to note:

Avoid not relying on the wall: The best two walls behind the financial position, because the sign has a backing to lean against, which can hide the wind and gather energy.

Should be leveled: the financial position should not be aisle or door open, and there should not be open windows in the financial position, opening the window will cause the indoor wealth to dissipate.

Avoid messy vibration: If the financial position is messy and vibrated for a long time, it will be difficult to maintain the right wealth.

Therefore, the items placed on the financial position should be neat, and it is not recommended to place all kinds of TVs, stereos, etc. that frequently vibrate.

Avoid being polluted and rushed: The financial position should be kept clean, and it should not be rushed by sharp corners, so as not to affect the fortune.

Don’t be pressured: pressure on the financial position will result in the inability to grow wealth. If you put heavy wardrobes, bookcases or cabinets in the financial position and put pressure on the financial position, it will have a lot of harm to the wealth of the house. .

It should be bright and not dark: bright financial position means the house is full of vitality, so if the financial position is illuminated by sunlight or light, it will greatly help the prosperity of wealth.

Sitting and lying down: The financial position is the position where the wealth of the family gathers. Therefore, in addition to placing the vigorous plants, you can also put a bed or sofa on the financial position. Will strengthen one's own fortune.

It is advisable to put a mascot: the financial position is the place where prosperity is gathered, and some lucky objects can be placed.

Avoid water: If the financial position is good, avoid water. Aquatic plants and fish tanks are not recommended to be placed in the financial position, so as not to see the financial water.

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