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What kind of plants are suitable for wealth Location?

The living room is our main place to relax and entertain guests, so how to decorate the living room to attract wealth? What should I put in the living room? Today, let’s take a look at what to put in the living room and what to put in the living room, which can promote wealth!

1. The 45-degree diagonal position of the door to the living room of the house is the so-called "clear position". The decoration and lighting here are very important. Since it is called the "bright financial position", it needs to be kept clean and bright to keep the wealth lingering and the financial resources will come in. If the corner of the living room is not bright enough or not ideal, it does not matter. It is recommended to install a yellow projection on the ceiling. The lamp shines downward. Generally speaking, if the financial position is full of debris or messy, then the owner's financial management ability will be weaker, and spending money will be less restrained, so the financial position in the home must be kept bright and clean. In addition, it is best to place mascots that symbolize wealth and luck here, such as: five-color crystal lucky tree, gold ingots, etc., which can strengthen the aura of your home and make you rich in luck, wealth, and popularity, and bring sources. The endless source of wealth makes the fortune of wealth flow smoothly!

2. The southeast part of the living room symbolizes the family's economic and financial luck, while the southeast part belongs to wood among the five elements. In this position, green plants tied with red ribbons or red strings are placed, such as: Evergreen, Dragon Bone, Fortune Tree, Golden Kudzu ...And so on, it can add vitality to the home and achieve the effect of "prosperity". In addition, from the perspective of numerology, it symbolizes "safety is blessing and health is wealth." Therefore, placing a golden gourd in the family's financial position will have more prosperous effects; or hanging a gourd will improve wealth. Also very helpful. The hanging method is to tie the gourd with a red string and hang it on the ceiling in the southeast of the living room, about two-thirds away from the ground, which can allow you to accumulate more and more every year. When choosing a gourd, it is best to be clean and complete, and it is better to leave a section of the stalk.

3. Many people like to hang some pictures on the walls of their homes to increase the beauty. However, in addition to the pleasing function of the pictures, in fact, "auspicious paintings" play an indispensable role in Chinese home feng shui, generally The peony painting is the most effective for fortune, but the sunflower, known as the sunflower, is also a good choice! The flower color is bright and bright, the flowers are brilliant and atmospheric, the flower stems are tall and straight, and the head is raised to the sun. It has the reputation of the flower of gold and is full of positive energy. It is the best sign of attracting nobles and friends and staying away from villains. The six evil squares that hang this painting in the porch, living room or house of the home. The six evil squares are the position of poor financial position, framed by others and ruined fortune. Therefore, it needs more positive energy like the sun to enhance the prosperity of the family. Attracting distinguished guests, near-expensive and far-reaching disasters, the future is as bright as the sun, and a bright future.

4. The most important position of the living room is called the financial position in Feng Shui, which is related to the prosperity and decline of the family's wealth, career, reputation, etc., so the layout and furnishings of the financial position cannot be ignored. The best position to show the financial position is the diagonal direction of the entrance door of the living room, which includes the following three situations: if the residential door is opened to the left, the financial position is on the top of the diagonal on the right; if the residential door is opened to the right, the financial position is It is on the top of the left diagonal; if the house door is opened in the center, the financial position is on the top of the left and right diagonal.

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