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What kind of feng shui layout in business can attract wealth?

The purpose of opening a store is to make money, so if you want your business to prosper, you should pay close attention to the feng shui taboos and other feng shui issues before opening a store. There are no exceptions to the taboos of shop feng shui. What matters to doing business is to be able to make everything go smoothly and auspiciously, so it is inevitable to understand some store feng shui taboo knowledge.

1. The door of the store should not be too small. For business activities, the door as an access channel should not be made too small. Store Feng Shui taboo. If the door of the channel is too small, it will be inconvenient for customers to enter and exit. If customers have to carry goods, There will be bumps. A small store door will cause a crowded flow of people and stop some customers when they see it. There should be no fork in the front of the store door. Feng Shui says this is a "scissors road", which affects the owner's decision and judgment.

2. If the location of the shop is the Feng Shui pattern of Wangcai, and the door is in the front of the shop, this is the Suzaku Gate of Wangcai. Moreover, if there is a wide flat ground at the gate, or a pool, it is more ideal. In front of the store, if the traffic and people flow from right to left, the store’s gate should be opened to the left to facilitate Open the door and accept the gas, attracting fortune and treasure.

3. The location of the store is best to be in a more prosperous street with a large flow of living people. If this is not the case, the obstacles in front of the store can be removed, and the store billboard can also be hung up.

4. Shop feng shui taboos need to be cautious about the decoration color. The color of the shop decoration is very particular. Many modern stores pay much attention to the interior color of the store. From the perspective of feng shui, the interior color of the store should be consistent with the birthday of the owner. The orientation of the store and the attributes of the five elements of the goods sold are considered in combination.

5. Stores should not set up counters at the exit of the escalator in Feng Shui. Many shops often set up counters at the exit of the escalator. The purpose is to make customers see the products being promoted as soon as they step on the floor, so as to increase the possibility of selling products, but This approach often causes some customers to deliberately bypass this counter and move to the counter next to it. You might as well move the counter blocking the stairs a few meters to the side.

Good business feng shui varies from person to person and adapts to local conditions. Only when feng shui conforms to one's own destiny can good luck be brought about by feng shui.

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