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What kind of feng shui can help people get pregnant?

If a family does not have children, it will lose a lot of fun in the family. Childbirth is a matter of course. After their children are married, many elderly people are thinking about holding a clever, lively and cute fat grandson. With the development of the times, the pollution of the environment, and the diversification of architectural styles, many couples have difficulty giving birth. Therefore, in addition to the necessary physical examinations, the living environment is also particularly important for couples who are ready to become pregnant. A reasonable residence can affect the health and mood of pregnant women. The focus of residence for pregnancy lies in the adjustment of Feng Shui in the bedroom. Below, Feng Shui expert Hui Tong and everyone analyze how to create a bedroom Feng Shui that is conducive to conception.

1. The heading position of the bed

When the couple sleep, they should face the Chinese zodiac of the male owner (Pig, Rabbit, Sheep-East, Tiger Horse and Dog-South, Snake, Chicken, Ox-West, Monkey, Rat, Dragon-North)

2. Metal and electrical appliances should not be placed at the head of the bed

Do not place metal or electrical appliances near the head of the bed, such as telephones, radios, etc. Placing these items can easily interfere with the normal magnetic field and normal work and rest, making it difficult for couples to conceive.

3. See the sunshine

There must be sunshine in the bedroom. In ancient times, in Yangzhai school, it was said that when couples saw sunshine in the bedroom, it was easy to have a son because of the harmony of yin and yang. Feng Shui believes that "lonely yin does not grow, and lonely yang does not grow." In other words, if a person's environment is composed of yin and yang, a man cannot give birth to a child, and a woman cannot give birth to a child. Then the room is dark and humid, indicating that the environment is solitary and yin, without yang neutralization, it is like this room is a woman, without a man, so such an environment is not equipped for fertility.

4. The room is too large

Many people like to live in big houses when they are rich, but they don’t know that every piece of furniture in the big house will absorb the aura of people. If the house is large and there are few people living in, the main aura will dissipate and the body will be alive If the field is dissipated, it is not easy to give birth, or only give birth to girls but not boys.

5. There must be a threshold

In ancient times, in addition to the door threshold, there was also a threshold for the bedroom. The threshold for the bedroom means to retain fetal gas in Feng Shui, but now society generally only has a threshold for the door. The remedy is to place a carpet in the master bedroom. Keep the tire air.

6. Don't go under the toilet

The feng shui of the toilet upstairs

where the bed is located in the bedroom can also make it difficult for couples to conceive.

7, the bed should be stable

The bed in the bedroom must be stable to keep the fetal gas. Never sleep on the floor or fold out bed, water bed, etc., and don't pack too much debris under the bed.

8. No gods, arcades, or garages downstairs

There can be no gods, arcades and garages downstairs in the bedroom, otherwise it will be difficult to conceive.

9. There must be no two external doors

There can only be one exterior door in the bedroom. If there are two exterior doors, it will be difficult for the couple to conceive.

10. Choose a day to settle the bed

Chinese people generally choose a good day for good days, such as sleeping in bed, getting married, and getting engaged. Choose one of these three good days and place the bed in the bedroom. In addition, those who have been married for a long time and infertile can also choose from the Chinese calendar. One day in bed.

11. Don't have fish tanks and too many mirrors

Do not put fish tanks in the bedroom. The fish tanks will cause dampness. If the bedroom is too damp, it will easily lead to yin and yang imbalance and difficult to conceive. The bedroom should not be equipped with too many mirrors. In addition to driving away the fetal gas, the mirror will also cause the man's energy to be consumed.

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