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What kind of desk will have good Feng Shui in 2021?

Are there many and messy things on the desktop? The desks and desks we usually use may be inconspicuous, but they have a great influence on fortune. We can easily improve our work and academic fortunes, recruit noble people, and grow wisdom with a little simple decoration or practice;

The best place to move the desk in 2021 is in the "Eastern". Good luck for promotion and exams.

In 2021, Wenchang is located in the east. You can move the desk to this position to improve your brain power, and good luck for promotion and exams will follow. Avoid the beams and pillars above. If there are beams and pillars above, you can put the Five Emperors' Money in the desk drawer to resolve it. The table lamp is placed next to the left-hand dragon, which can be used to hang amethyst or crystal Wenchang pen.

2021 Tai Sui is in the northeast. If possible, you should avoid facing the Tai Sui in the direction of the desk. If you can't avoid it, you can hang an obsidian gourd pendant to help prevent disasters.

❶The desktop is kept tidy and clean at all times

Try not to place irrelevant clutter on the table, and do not place trash cans on the table. This will gather foul air, disturb your overall fortune, and reduce your work efficiency.

❷The phone is placed on the left, and the file is placed on the right

The so-called green dragon on the left and white tiger on the right, while the dragon is afraid of silence and the tiger is afraid of noise, so you can place noises by the left hand dragon, such as telephones, speakers, fax machines, etc.; while the right hand tiger should be quiet, documents and materials , Books can be placed on the right hand side. (The side of the dragon and tiger here refers to the position when we sit on the chair and face the table)

❸Computer desktop setting beauty

For people who use computers every day, wallpaper setting is very important. You can set your favorite pictures or lively landscape pictures to make you feel vigorous and angry when you start working every day. If you are a business person, replace the commonly used mobile phone wallpaper, and let yourself hold the phone to hold the business opportunity.

❹The seat should be against the wall

Seating against the wall is equivalent to having a backing, which is conducive to career development, gathering contacts, and stabilizing your position. If you feel that your career is not going well, or you are not often in the office due to busy business, you can hang a yellow coat on the back of your chair, which has the meaning of adding a yellow robe to drive away the villain. Note that the jacket should also be changed and washed regularly; there should be no aisle behind it, so as not to disturb the mind and the villain takes advantage of the void

❺Desk potted plants

Putting green plants on the desk can relieve stress and relax. Fortune bamboos, money trees, fortune trees, and succulents are all suitable, but try to avoid cacti that are plants with thorns.

❻Don't face the door, walkway, toilet

The orientation of the table is also very important. Try to avoid facing dirty air, and people coming and going can easily affect the mood at work. These are feng shui misunderstandings of sickness and conflict.

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