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What is the richest house in 2021?

Entering 2021, the Eight White Fortune Stars will fly to the West. The Eight White Stars are the most prosperous fortune during the Eighth Luck. They can be prosperous and prosperous. The West is where the most prosperous household wealth in 2021 will be in the fleeting years. Therefore, if the door is opened in the West, the most prosperous aura will be obtained in 2021. Feng Shui layout must be done well. Nothing that destroys Feng Shui can happen or it will happen. Harmful to homes.

How to boost Western financial position in 2021

  The five elements in the West are gold. You can place a copper brave ornament at the gate this year, which plays a role in attracting wealth and keeping fortune, warding off evil spirits, and helping to stabilize household wealth and luck. It is not advisable to directly install the kitchen or stove in the financial position, nor to be in direct opposition to the financial position, otherwise it will easily cause the family's money to be wasted, the fortune of the family will be damaged, and the family will be vulnerable to financial damage.

If the location of the West in 2021 is properly arranged, it will be beneficial to the wealth growth of individuals/family/companies. Therefore, the financial position in the West should be clean and tidy, with bright light, and avoid insufficient lighting or piles of messy filth, so as not to affect wealth Gather gas.

Business people can arrange safes and cashiers in the West, that is, the financial position of the store, which will help increase passenger flow and performance, and promote career development.

If the Babai Zuo auxiliary star is arranged improperly, it may cause a disaster of wealth. If the wealth of the family is gold, it is not recommended to put fish or water basins to prevent the money from becoming hydrated. This is not conducive to the accumulation of wealth, driving away the god of wealth and affecting the development of wealth .

The five elements of the eight white wealth stars are soil. It is recommended to display some yellow objects with soil properties in the west of the room. It is best to be a mascot symbolizing wealth and prosperity, such as the statue of the god of wealth, citrine, and brave. , Kylin, etc., which imply auspiciousness and help promote wealth and luck. The best materials are ceramics and jade. Fire in the five elements generates soil, so you can also use items that belong to the five elements, such as red crystal ornaments, red Chinese knot pendants, red lanterns, and so on.

A mascot to wear in 2021

In addition to placing lucky decorations in fixed places such as homes or offices, 2021 is the year of native gold. It is recommended that you can also wear metal brave bracelets or five emperors money as the mascot of prosperity. It is better to converge on yourself. If you often stay in the financial position, your own financial fortune will be better. For example, put one's own bed in the middle palace or the western position, so that in 2021, one's own financial fortune will continue to improve imperceptibly.

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