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What is the function of Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is to help you change your aura, let your fortune slowly change and get better. But many people who don’t know about Feng Shui always think that Feng Shui is omnipotent. For example, if you lose money in gambling and want to use Feng Shui to help you win it back, you spend high prices to let Feng Shui master frame your enemies. In fact, fate is an innate definite number, and information such as your birth date cannot be changed, including your birthplace, your parents and so on. But the fortune can be changed by adjusting the transshipment, such as where we go to develop and what kind of occupation we are engaged in. Today, I will tell you what the function of Feng Shui is, so that you can get a general understanding of Feng Shui knowledge.

   1. Feng Shui can help you get promoted

   You may not believe that, behind almost every successful person, there are experts in metaphysics, numerology and feng shui who give advice. It is rare for people to succeed by relying solely on strength and not luck. Most of those successful people live in houses that are favorable to them. Although some of them don’t know, it is difficult to succeed without good feng shui. For example, if a desk suppresses their auspicious position, it is difficult to get promoted. To be promoted and fortune must be done: first, you must live in a house with a feng shui pattern that is beneficial to you; second, arrange the office feng shui; third, be proactive and work hard to do all the work seriously.

   2. Feng Shui can bring health

   Some people live in a house, and their health will have big problems, which may not be obvious in a short period of time, but over time, various symptoms will be manifested, and they often seek medical treatment everywhere to no avail. After changing to another place, all these symptoms gradually disappeared, and even healed without treatment. This shows that the feng shui pattern of a house is closely related to human health and other aspects. People must live in a suitable house, otherwise once the aura is chaotic, fortune, health, etc. will also be affected.

   3. Feng Shui can make you feel good

   Many friends have this experience. In some places, they are quiet and comfortable when they take them with them. In some places, they feel uncomfortable when they go in, or even feel heavy and uncomfortable. With a good Feng Shui pattern, when you live inside, you are happy and happy. With a good mood, things will go smoothly. The power of Feng Shui method to change luck is the greatest and the fastest. The change of luck in numerology depends on the change of Feng Shui. Only when Feng Shui changes, will luck change. Of course, this takes a lot of time, and it may not be what you want. If you don’t understand, it’s okay. You can ask a Feng Shui master to help you look it up. But if you want to get pointers, you need fate. If you don’t have fate, you may not be able to receive help.

   4. Feng Shui can increase wealth

For shopkeepers, companies, and business people, if you want to have good financial luck, first the boss must live in a house that is conducive to his feng shui pattern; secondly, the location of the cash register in the store, the lobby, bathroom, kitchen, etc. and the location outside the store The layout, the opening time of the store, the name and signboard of the store must be very particular. With these good feng shui conditions, your fortune will surely flow continuously.

   Seeking wealth requires a platform for seeking wealth and capital for seeking wealth. There is no platform, no capital, and no personal connections. Every day you want to worship Buddha and pray for God, waiting for the pie from the sky to fall on your head, which is tantamount to daydreaming.

   5. Feng Shui can generate prosperous love fortune

   Although some people are handsome or beautiful, it is difficult to find the ideal partner. Even if they find them, they are always separated inexplicably and difficult to bear fruit. As a result, she repeatedly missed the marriage date. The reason must be related to poor housing feng shui. The key to a good marriage is that one's love position cannot be destroyed.

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