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What is the cause of the house not going well? Feng Shui is out of order

I don’t know if my friend has ever encountered that one day it suddenly becomes very bad, and everything does not go well. Why is this? In fact, the main reason is that the feng shui at home has some small things. Some friends should not miss it. Maybe your bad luck all year round will be better.

What's the reason for the trouble at home

1. Not enough sunlight

The shining sun can bring us a happy mood, and it can also make us more relaxed, just like our mood will be particularly comfortable on a sunny day, and the mood will be more depressed on a cloudy day, so the light in the family is very important. Zhong believes that if the light in the home is not enough, then the whole home will be in a dark place, if we look forward to it in a dark space, then the mood will become depressed, and naturally we will feel that everything is unsatisfactory; secondly indoors Insufficient light in the room will cause excessive weight in the room, which will seriously affect the indoor feng shui aura. It is also inevitable for our fortune. It can be seen that the lack of indoor light is likely to be a main cause of our unhappy.

2. Lack of Mingtang

Mingtang refers to the terrain outside the home. Whether Mingtang is open or not determines the home’s qi, and whether Mingtang has a good vision also determines the career development and future of the family. It can be seen that the Feng shui of Mingtang in the home is crucial important! If there is a lack of Mingtang in the layout of a home, or the location of Mingtang is blocked by tall buildings, the Mingtang is very narrow and the view is blocked, etc., such a layout will form a very bad Feng shui atmosphere, which will affect our fortune. After that, the fortune of the whole family was blocked, and the career and fortune were very unsatisfactory.

3. The living room is too small

The living room is the place where family members gather together or entertain guests when they come to outsiders. Some homes are very small due to the small area, and some homes even have no living room, which is very bad. Good feng shui talks about gathering qi. Auspicious qi enters through the door and gathers in the home. Where is the gathering? It is the location of the living room. Therefore, the living room has less qi for gatherings. The living room represents the career prospects, so it will affect the career. development of.

4. Unfavorable position

It is known from the annual fortune that the unfavorable directions this year are the east and the south. If your desk, sofa, bed, etc. are in this position, it will be very unfavorable to you. This is the position of two black and five yellow. In Feng Shui, these two stars represent information about wealth, decline, depression, and disease. If you receive such aura every day, bad luck will come to you soon.

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