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What is a good feng shui house?

Many people will ask me what is a good feng shui house? Especially when looking for a house, whether it is renting a house or buying a house, they all want to know what kind of house to look for is considered good feng shui? Of course, good feng shui needs to be analyzed and measured in many aspects to decide whether it is suitable for you. The feng shui of the house is better for you, and the feng shui of many houses is good but often not suitable for you, especially when we look at the sitting direction and the orientation of the house, Sometimes it is not suitable for individuals. Although Feng Shui is good, his score will be folded in half. So basically to find a good Feng Shui, we must first know that the place where the house is located must be flat, not high or low because it is good Feng shui is basically to make our lives stable instead of going up and down, so the most important thing is to have a flat ground outside. Of course, if some big mansions are good on the top of the mountain, they are good when they are good and bad when they are bad. , which is also not what we want. Therefore, the feng shui of the home should be flat and the outside should be flat, including the ground outside and inside, because many people’s indoor heights are low, the living room is low, and then the kitchen is raised or the toilet is raised, and the floor inside the house is not flat. It also means that the fortune is not stable, and there will be many problems. The second is that the house should not be found on the side of the house. It is better to have neighbors. Otherwise, there must be tall trees. People and neighbors will seem to be unable to hold money without hands, and it is easy to leak money, and it will also cause problems in the relationship between men or women in the house. The house we want should not be the road, because if there is no house behind the road, we will often be deceived or not cooperated by others when we do things, so if there is a house behind, there will be no such problem. So when you are looking for a house, the basic requirements for the outside are like this. Of course, you need to measure the direction of the house and then further analyze it to confirm whether it can meet the standard of a good house, but at least everyone should have a simple understanding.

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