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What indoor potted plants will make you rich and lucky?

What indoor potted plants will make you rich and lucky!

Fengshui is a profound knowledge. Plants at home are also very particular about Fengshui. It is generally believed that flowers and plants have spirituality that can affect people's air luck. Therefore, keeping a Fengshui plant indoors can help people have good air luck.

1. Tiger Piran

Tiger Piran is evergreen and vigorous throughout the year. Its leaves are straight and upward, which represents prosperity and can increase our wealth. Tiger Piran is relatively drought-tolerant and has strong vitality. Normal maintenance requires loose soil with good air permeability. Tiger Piran is more drought-tolerant, and it is easy to rot when there is more water. Generally, it is not a big problem to water once a month.

Wang Fengshui's indoor potted plants will make you lucky!

2. Money tree

The leaves of the money tree are long and short, thick and thin. They are also known as dragon and phoenix trees, which symbolize fortune and treasure, and prosperity, so they are very suitable for display at home. The money tree is best placed in a sheltered place next to the window, so that the money tree can not only receive light, but also prevent direct sunlight.

3. Longevity flower

The longevity flower is known by its

name. It stands for health and longevity. It is very suitable for growing a pot with the elderly in the family. Its flowering period is around the Spring Festival. It is a very beautiful holiday flower. It is a succulent plant with thick leaves and usually does not need. If you water too much, the plump and green leaves are of high ornamental value even when they are not blooming.

4. Wealth bamboo

Wealthy bamboo has the old saying that flowers bloom and be rich, and bamboo returns peace. Wealthy bamboo also means lucky bamboo and transfer of beads. The common method of maintaining rich bamboo is the hydroponic method. We can add a rusty iron to the water bottle. Nail, this can prevent the yellowing of the rich bamboo leaves from happening. Use potassium dihydrogen phosphate once a month to grow very well.

5. Fortune tree

Fortune trees are responsible for the fortune. Many companies usually put two pots of fortune trees when they start business, which means that the business is smooth and prosperous. It is also more suitable for potting a pot at home. There should be sufficient sunlight at ordinary times to avoid drying up the tip of the leaf by the sun.

What are the taboos for placing bonsai at home in Feng Shui?

*Put potted plants in the living room instead of the bedroom

1. Potted plants are usually placed on the side of the living room. They can also be placed in the study room. However, it is best to avoid placing them in the bedroom because the five elements of plants are negative. It’s best to arrange plants according to your own five elements


2. If you are particular about it, it is best to place potted plants according to your own numerology and five elements. For example, if your five elements are of wood, it is better to place potted plants on the east side of the house.

3. Pay attention to pruning and caring for potted plants

   If the plant flowers are withered or the leaves are yellow due to lack of water, these yellow leaves must be pruned off in time, otherwise the plants will become weak and the owner of the house will also be implicated.

4. Pay attention to the placement of potted plants

The placement of potted plants should not hinder people from walking around; when placing them, attention should be paid to the matching of small and medium-sized plants in order to achieve a patchy visual effect.

5. The decorative potted plants in the living room should be mainly small and medium-sized

  Usually, medium and small potted plants should be used in homes instead of large potted plants, so as not to create a sense of oppression in the living room due to visual reasons.

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