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What house the hostess need to take more responsibility?

Feng shui Tips:

The shape of the house is very important, because the good feng shui of the house should be that the shape of the house is relatively square or rectangular, which is more able to gather evenly Qi. Due to the limitation of the land or the lack of feng shui knowledge of the designer, the house is often designed in an irregular shape. Today, I will introduce a house with a irregular shape home and missing a big corner, that is, when we stand in the house and see it, the right side is relatively long. The house seems to be missing a corner, which is an L-shaped shape. When we live in a house like this (as pic) we often feel that the fortune is not so smooth and the relationship between husband and wife is not good. Often the hostess in the house needs to take more responsibility. Responsible for the living expenses of the family, the fortune of men will be poor and the health of men is not good. If a house like this has shortcomings, it is necessary to seek the solution of Feng Shui in order to balance the aura, so when we are looking for a good Feng Shui house Be sure to pay special attention to this type. Of course, there are other types. We will introduce them one after another. Thank you.

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