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What Feng Shui matters should I pay attention to when buying a house?

If you are buying a house for the first time, what should you pay attention to? The direction of the house varies with the age of its construction. Of course, this is impossible for ordinary people to measure. However, it is still necessary to pay attention to simple matters. First,Pay attention to the key points of the house condition. The house should not be too old, It is also necessary to pay attention to the well-decorated old houses, because too old houses are prone to have bad spiritual magnetic fields which will affect physical health. Others such as building materials, decoration, layout, etc., can be obtained from the Internet or by asking the real estate agent. However, some information can only be paid attention to when viewing the house on the spot, such as feng shui. Home feng shui can be simply viewed from the two aspects of "indoor" and "outdoor". Good feng shui can make people feel relaxed and happy as soon as they step into the house. If you buy a house with feng shui problems, At the time of sale, there may be cases where buyers use Feng Shui issues to negotiate the price.

The following are the key points of home feng shui. Buying a good house with feng shui can lead to a good life!

The "outdoor" Feng Shui of the house, these 3 key points should be paid attention to!

1. The house faces the road directly, and the road rushes right in. Generally, T-shaped and Y-shaped road rushes are more common, or the house opposite the driveway exit of the basement of the building is also bad feng shui, which will affect work, career and health.

2. There are viaducts, MRT and other constructions passing by outside the house. Since the viaduct is a major traffic road, it includes frequent noise from vehicles, air pollution, vibration or machine noise caused by driving. In this case, family members are prone to illness.

3. Refers to the street with no intersection at the end of the alley. There are houses on both sides of the road, but there is only one road exit for entry and exit. These homes at the end of the street often have some legal disputes or the family's work fortune is not smooth.

The "indoor" layout of the house, these 5 key points must be known!

What Feng Shui should pay attention to in the interior layout:

1. Balcony: The front balcony can represent the ability to make money, and the back balcony can represent the ability to save money. If there is no balcony, it usually affects the residents who are less likely to make money and save money.

2. Living room: The lack of light in the living room will not only affect the fortune, but also pay attention to not have beams on the ceiling, and the ceiling should not be too low, which may also cause health problems.

3. When the door of the house is opened, do not directly see the back yard, whether through the door or the window, because this means a big bankruptcy, and the line of sight can be seen from the front door all the way to the back door is Feng Shui The most dangerous layouts tend to be designed like this in many houses in the United States.

4. There is a beam above the bed, or even a pressure beam at the head of the bed.

5. The door-to-door situation in the house and the quarrel between the two rooms in the room appear door-to-door. It is easy to have quarrels with people or family disagreements

The above are some of the things often encountered in Feng Shui for your reference

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