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What feng shui for MOVING?

The customer asked what Feng Shui should be paid attention to when moving into the house?

Moving is a major event that can change and reach the opportunities of good Feng Shui. Whether it is buying a new house or a second-hand house, when moving, the first thing to improve is the original magnetic field and increase wealth. Therefore, when we move into a new home, we must first choose a good day and a auspicious day, incorporate auspicious energy, and eliminate bad chi

There are 5 major steps you should pay attention to:

1.When moving you should Clean the new house 3 days before moving in You can use sea salt and rice mixed to Sprinkle it all the way to the door along the corner of the house. After about half an hour, use a new broom and dustpan to sweep up and discard it,if the home is in a relatively humid and wet area, charcoal can also be placed in the corner of the house, which also has the effect to remove the dirty energy

2.If you are going to remodeling the new house,you must choose a good day the day must not to harm the homeowner’s zodiac, and not to conflict with the house’s position; the remodeling must be completed before entering the house, and no more remodeling after entering the house; otherwise, you have to look at it again After the remodel is completed, the furniture in the house can be moved into the house first, and positioned but positioned the bed need to pick up a good day as well,

3.The first item you move in should be the most precious, such as: gods table ,safe box ,expensive paintings and so on ,After all the decoration is completed and the furniture enters the house and is positioned,you need to do a formal entering ceremony for your house,The best time to enter the house is in the morning. Moving into a new house in the morning can bring good luck to the family.

4.When moving, the things we moved out of the original home should be moved out by others, and when moving into the new home, the first item must be moved in by ourselves. If there are pregnant women in the family, it is best to avoid moving, so as not to disturb the fetal god, leading to miscarriage of pregnant women or harmful to the fetus.

5.It is not allowed to enter the house empty-handed on the day of entering the house. It is recommended that you choose the following methods to symbolize the storage of treasures according to your own situation:

(1) When family members move in, you can put more coins and cash in the pockets, which symbolizes bringing wealth and treasures into the door.

(2) Sprinkle coins into the house at the front door and speak auspicious words, such as: everything goes well! Make money!

(3) Sprinkle some coins in every corner of the house. If there are children in the house, you can change to sprinkle the coins under the cabinet and other places to Avoid children from picking up. You can put away coins 3-7 days after entering the house. , This is a symbol of wealth.

(4) If there are empty drawers in home cabinets, etc., you can temporarily place a red envelope bag with a $20 inside to avoid the image of "empty".

When entering the house, place a fired oven at the front door , and everyone must step over it to sweep away the bad energy After a simple ceremony to worship the gods, the whole family ate sweet rice balls and drank tea, then the entrance ceremony is completed.

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