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What feng shui causes children to cry at night?

The reason why children cry at night is nothing more than that the first one is afraid, the second is uncomfortable, and the third is that they need someone to accompany. Then what kind of feng shui can cause children to cry at night and not sleep?

1. There is evil spirit outside

for example, there is a telephone pole outside ,outside has clothes hanging and it has not been put away and turned into ghost clothes, wall knives or eaves toward the window, These will cause physical pain, so children will cry at night.

2. The room has Jack and Jill bathroom, when two rooms share the same toilet ,because the two doors are interconnected, air flow is none stop rotating in the room,which will cause the body to suffer from physical pain. They will not want to sleep at night and too much sleep during the day and so cry at night.

3. The color of the bedroom cannot be pink. If the color of the bedroom is pink, pink is easy to make people feel irritable and prone to quarrels. If a newlywed couple, after a period of time, the two will have inexplicable heartburn. It’s easy to quarrel with little things like sesame, and finally embark on a divorce and never return. Pink can also cause neurosis, let alone children.

4. Children's bedroom should not be too bright.

A study by Nara Medical University in Japan found that if the bedroom lights are too bright, it will disturb the body's biological clock and endocrine, which will not only affect sleep, but also harm physical and mental health. The tension of the sympathetic nerves at night will be lower than that during the day. If sleep is affected, the tension of the sympathetic nerves will rise, causing abnormal changes in the systolic and diastolic blood pressure of the heart, leading to an increased risk of heart and cardiovascular diseases.

5. Don't hang all kinds of strange ornaments on the ceiling.

Don’t post too fancy wallpapers on the walls of your child’s bedroom

Don’t post some strange pictures on the walls, because too many and too complicated pictures can cause children to get too excited, have nightmares at night and can’t sleep.

6. There are too many dolls for children. Generally dolls have eyes. If your eyes are fixed on you, you will definitely not be able to sleep, so try to put away the pet dolls in the room or cover them with things at night

7. Do not hang too many wind chimes in the bedroom

As a mascot, wind chimes can dissolve the earth evil, but the northeast and southwest are the ghost gates. If the door is opened in these two directions and wind chimes are hung, it will attract ghosts. Therefore, if the door is opened in the northeast or southwest, wind chimes should not be hung at the door.

8.Wall knife

The bedside table is higher than the bed when the beam is pressed or the surrounding cabinets are too high, which may cause the wind cutting head to be pressed by the upper beam, and also cause migraine. The wind cutting of the cabinet next to it will also cause physical discomfort, so be sure to pay attention Do not have too many cabinets in the room, especially high cabinets, so as not to affect sleep

9. Sleep by the window or with a window behind your head. The bed should not be placed under the window. The windows are connected indoors and outdoors, the side of the window has good lighting, the bed is close to the window, people's sleep will be affected by strong light and airflow, and it will easily cause the loss of human energy, which will have an adverse effect on people's health and fortune.

10. The baby’s bedroom is facing the toilet or the bed is facing the toilet.

The toilet is a place where dirt accumulates, and the yin air is very dignified. If the toilet door faces the bedroom and the yin air flows into the bedroom, it will cause a series of bad effects on the human body. For example, easy to contract various diseases, mental deterioration, etc. Moisture in the toilet is also a major cause of rheumatoid arthritis. You must be careful

11. The bed should not look at the mirror. The mirror is a taboo against the bed

The mirror facing the body can cause neurasthenia and poor sleep quality. We say that the mirror will attract ghosts to the bed. It is actually the reflection of the mirror at night, which stimulates the hallucinations of people's minds and causes panic. Therefore, the mirror must not shine on the bed.

12. It may be that you have been caught in a Cthulhu

Either have participated in funerals, or have been to the hospital to visit the doctor, etc., which will cause children to panic at night and fear that they cannot sleep.

The above is for your reference. Please contact me if you have any questions.

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