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What feng shui can cause family quarrels in 2021?

The fierce position mentioned in this article is "arguing position."

Don’t think it belongs to the “little fierce man.” You can take it lightly, because if one is not careful, it is not handled well, or it will become a big fierce man, then a "lawsuit" will be committed. If it is serious, There is also a chance to be jailed.

  Where is the Feng Shui quarrel in 2012? In 2021, the three green stars flew to the southwest, and the three green stars represented the quarreling evil stars, so the "southwest position" was the quarreling position.

If the door of the home is opened in the "southwest," that is, it is in the position of violent 2021. This year, family members will argue and fight, and work or daily life will offend people for no reason. If the gate is in the southwest, if you want to dissolve it, you can put a red carpet at the gate to dissolve its aggressiveness. In addition to the main door, the master room is also guilty in the southwest. People who rest in this room are prone to disputes and unreasonable accusations by their superiors. If the room is right or wrong, you can put a salt lamp in the room to resolve

As for if the kitchen is located in the southwest of 2021, it is best to place a salt lamp near the stove to resolve the crisis. It is really not to be underestimated. It can cause a lot of trouble and even be bullied by the Internet or various forms of right and wrong. Therefore, It is best to avoid this southwest position for the concierge stove. This is Feng Shui's "avoidance" method. If the concierge stove is in the southwest, it is best to use feng shui supplies to resolve it.  

In addition to being a quarreling position in the southwest, this position was also a position for committing the "seven kills" in 2012. The "seven kills" belonged to the feng shui position. Of course it cannot be committed. If it is committed, it will inevitably lead to blood and light, the so-called "crime." , Refers to serious violations, such as ground breaking. When the dispute position meets the "seven kills" position, the right and wrong stars may become the fierce stars in the lawsuit. The above method is applicable to home Feng Shui or company office Feng Shui. As for the door, the layout method of home Feng Shui and company office Feng Shui is the same. In terms of rooms, home feng shui refers to the bedroom and company office feng shui refers to the boardroom or the principal’s office, and the layout method is also the same.

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