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What company Feng Shui can make you successful?

What company Feng Shui can make you successful?

(1) Office Feng Shui needs to focus on the person in charge or the top supervisor to find auspicious directions.

   (2) The door of the office must be larger than the opposite door, because the big one wins in terms of momentum, and the small one loses.

   (3) Water seepage, water leakage or cracks on the ceiling or wall of the office are a symbol of the leaked money, and it should be remedied quickly.

  (4) The ceiling of the office should be high. If it is too low, it will feel oppressive and unlucky, and will affect the development of the business. At the same time, the ventilation is poor.

   (5) The office door should not be facing telegraph poles, big trees, chimneys, and roads.

  (6) The supervisor and person in charge of the office, there is a faucet next to the owner who leaks money, and there must be a firm backing behind him.

  (7) The stairs in the office should not face the door, otherwise the gas intake and exhaust gas will interfere with each other, which will be harmful to wealth and health.

   (8) The financial position of the office is diagonally opposite to the entrance door. The position should be bright and clean. Avoid empty doors and false flowers.

  (9) Entering the office door and the toilet is right next to it is a big crime. Because the toilet blocks the inflow of anger, it is very detrimental to the fortune and business.

  (10) No windows in the office is a big crime. Because the air can't communicate, it's lifeless.

   (11) If the desk faces the toilet door, it will be smoked by the toilet fumes, and it will fail over time.

  (12) The desk should not be worn or damaged, otherwise it will damage the transportation.

  (13) It is best to use wood for the desk. Iron sheet or steel will affect the magnetic field, which is not good.

   (14) There should be no beams or chandeliers above the desk, otherwise it will be detrimental to promotion and wealth.

   (15) Empty doors behind the desk are most avoided. The so-called empty door means that the rear is a door or window. Easy to feel insecure, most difficult to concentrate on office work.

  (16) The desk of the person in charge or supervisor is facing the toilet, in order to affect the overall operation and business promotion, and at the same time, it is quite lethal to the fortune.

  (17) One end of the desk is best to lean against the wall, which is more stable. Avoid placing the desk diagonally.

   (18) The back of the desk must be stationary, and the back is the aisle or someone walking around. Uneasy because of insecurity.

   (19) There must be a backing behind the desk. The so-called backing is a wall, and having a backing to do things is more stable and helpful to business promotion. The desk of the person in charge or accountant should be confidential.

   (20) The light in the office should be bright, and the light is best in natural sunlight, artificial light is not good.

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