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What color is the most prosperous in 2021?

When it comes to color, everyone knows that there is a lucky color. What color is considered auspicious in 2021?

2021 is the golden earth year, among which the relatively favorable colors are white, gold, yellow, and the colors related to the five elements of gold are the most favorable auspicious colors of the year. Therefore, these types of colors can be used in commercial activities in 2021, such as advertising signs and so on.

Speaking of color, the most easily related to life is the color of clothing. What are the relatively favorable colors of the 12 Chinese zodiac? Or what is each person's favorable color?

First choose the color according to the month of birth

If you were born from March 6th to August 8th in the Chinese calendar, this is the life of spring and summer, and it is the life of hot. It is suitable to choose cool colors to cool down your life style, so as to increase your luck appropriately. Cool colors can be selected: white, gold, silver, black, gray, blue.

If you were born from August 9th to March 5th of the following year in the new calendar, this is the fate of autumn and winter, and it is the fate of cold. It is suitable to choose warm colors to warm up your life style, which can be increased appropriately Own luck. The colors can be warm colors: cyan, green, red, orange, purple, pink.

In addition, choose the 2021 lucky color according to the zodiac

The zodiac signs are rat and pig, which are water, Dolly is white, yellow, blue, and black. These four types of colors are relatively beneficial to themselves.

The zodiac sign is tiger, and the five elements of rabbit belong to the wood person. Dolly is green, black, and blue. These colors are more favorable to you.

The sign of the zodiac is snake, horse five is fire, Dolly red, purple, and green. These colors are more favorable to you.

The zodiac sign is monkey, chicken five are golden people, Dolly is white, yellow, and brown. These types of colors are more favorable to you.

The zodiac signs are ox, dragon, sheep, and dog. The five elements are native people, Dolly red, purple, and brown. These colors are more favorable to you.

Among the three types of color distinctions mentioned above, the first one is considered to be the auspicious color of 2021, which can be mostly used for commercial activities or occasions of the year. The second and the third are colors that are specific to the choice of an individual’s life. It will never change.

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