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What color can relieve the evil spirit in 2021?


This year’s peach blossom position, you can put green plants but hydroponic plants are best. Put pink flowers in the northeast corner of the room to attract peach blossoms and avoid some rotten peach blossoms and conflict between husband and wife. If they are arranged in black , The blue is easy for a third party to intervene. You can plant some green plants, such as green plants that are easier to grow, such as Evergreen and Fortune Bamboo, which can make aquatic trees dissolve rotten peach blossoms.


There are five yellow evils in the southeast. White or gold lucky objects are usually used to dissolve them. If your room is located in the southeast, you can also bring some gold and silver ornaments or wear white clothes to dissolve it.


The center belongs to the financial position. If you want to improve your fortune or establish interpersonal relationships, you can put obsidian or black green in this direction.


The northern part of the home is best not to be a toilet or a kitchen or a living room. This is the most fierce location this year. The disease symbol of the giant star is also prone to get sick, especially when the flu this year is particularly prone to occur under the epidemic. You can place white carpets, spicy incense lamps or some essential oils in your home, all of which can achieve the effect of eliminating evil.


If you have students in your home who want to take an exam or are looking for a job to prepare for an interview, you can put the Four Treasures in the East or Wenchang Tower, or the green carpet to go to the Wenchang Temple to have incense, especially for boys.


This year, the place in the house is the most auspicious. All the good things happen here. Purple crystal holes or citrines should be placed.


The South is the second fiscal position this year. Putting on a white carpet or the God of Wealth, Ingots or Cornucopia can help the male master’s wealth.


The southwest is a location that is easy to provoke tongues, right and wrongs, cares, and competition. You can place electrical appliances in your home, red carpets or turn on the lights, all of which can suppress the Lucunxing in the southwest.


The Star Breaking Army on the northwest of the house is easy to lose money. The stairs should not be exactly to the northwest of the house, especially the two story houses. The solution can be blue light.

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