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1. Front door The door of the store should not be too small, because a small door will give you a very stingy feeling, and you will not be able to retain your wealth. For a store to gather wealth, you must make your door very atmospheric, and if the aisle and door are too small, It is also inconvenient for customers to walk back and forth, so the shopping experience is very bad, and the return rate will naturally decrease, which will naturally affect the flow of financial resources. The direction and location are important as well, you should check with feng shui specialist to find out.

2. Cashier:

The location of the checkout counter is very important. The location of the checkout counter should be good. Checkout counters are generally not facing the door, because it is easy to cause the outflow of money. Many businesses like to arrange the checkout counters very beautifully, facing the gates. In fact, this is the exposure of the wealth, it is very easy to break the money and not gather money. It is very important to maintain a good sanitary environment, and it must be regular when placing items.

3. shop decoration color:

Pay attention to color: The color choice of the storefront should be combined with the birthday of the store owner, store orientation, and the five elements of the product from the perspective of feng shui. Therefore, the color selection is actually very tedious, and the five elements of the product are also difficult to study. Generally, you should ask a professional feng shui master to take a look.

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