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Want to have good luck?

The main premise is that the home environment should be kept tidy, clean and bright, and the living room is the first place in the residential space. Because the living room is the main activity space for the whole family’s life interaction and the gathering of relatives and friends, it is related to the overall family fortune. There are many places to pay attention to in the decoration and furnishings of the living room.

●The living room should be kept bright. The bright living room represents good fortune and will bring good luck and fortune to the whole family. The design of large windows is a good choice when decorating.

●The furniture selection of the living room must match the size of the space. If the living room space is relatively small, it is not recommended to purchase large-scale furniture combinations, as this will make the space look narrower, the movement will not flow smoothly, and lead to poor financial luck. Conversely, the same is true for small furniture in a large space, the most important thing is the right proportion.

●The color of the living room is better with warm colors. Warm colors make people feel warm and harmonious. It is recommended to use yellow light sources in the living room with milky white and ivory walls to enhance popularity and wealth. The lamps should be round and square.

●Do not install a mirror at the entrance of the living room. If you see the mirror as soon as you enter the door, Feng Shui will scare away the God of Wealth.

In addition, it is necessary to find out the financial position of the home. General financial position can be divided into residential financial position and annual financial position. The easiest way to find residential financial position is to find the living room financial position.

How to find out the living room financial position? The general principle is to stand at the 45-degree angle of the door facing the house. If the door is opened to the left, the financial position is diagonally to the right; if the door is to the right, the financial position is diagonal to the left; if the door is in the center Setting, the left and right diagonally are regarded as the financial position. In addition, the financial position is not fixed each year. The financial position in 2021 is in the West. If you want to boost your wealth, you can place lucky decorations in the financial position.

●Brightness and cleanliness are the most important for financial position. Most of the financial position is in the corner of the house, which is prone to insufficient lighting, and most avoid filth and mess, which can easily lead to the decline of wealth.

●The financial position can be placed with green plants that symbolize vitality. Plants with large leaves, thick mesophyll or round leaves should avoid sharp-leaf plants, and it is best to plant them in soil instead of hydroponic plants.

●A mascot can be displayed for the financial position. You can place lucky decorations such as Pixiu and Golden Toad to invigorate your wealth, and you can also place a statue of the god of wealth

●The financial position can be placed in the fish tank. The fish tank has a decorative effect and can boost wealth. It is recommended that the size match the living room space, too large or small is not suitable.

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