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Use the "money tree" to adjust your home Feng Shui, and you will continue to make money!

Whenever people want to adjust their Feng Shui, the first thing they think of are Feng Shui items such as "Fortune Tree" and "Treasure Bowl". They think that these things can bring good luck to themselves. Today I will share with you how to use the Fortune Tree. Adjust the Feng Shui at home.

Fortune tree has the concept of fortune, first of all, you must understand and pay attention to the following points:

1. Choose "money tree" to plant the best, because only plants have the concept of hair growth, and crafts such as plastic and metal do not have the function of hair growth.

2. Due to the characteristics of plants, people need careful care. Watering and fertilizing are all essential. If you find that the tree is about to die, you need to replace it in time. The more luxuriant and faster the fortune tree grows, the more fortune. Well, if you get sick and wither, it is a sign of the decline of your fortune, so you really need some thought.

3. The growth of plants requires sunlight and circulating air, so it is best to place them near windows, where air can circulate, and not in small rooms or corners. This is tantamount to restricting your career development.

Knowing these points, you need to choose a suitable place. Money belongs to wood, so it cannot be placed in the direction of metal. The northwest and the west must be excluded first. Wood plants are best placed in the water or wood position. The true north is water, but you need to be aware that the true north is cold and can absorb the sunlight from the windows in the south to facilitate growth

The east is wood. This position represents the eldest man in the family, so it is most beneficial to men. The east is the place where vegetation grows most prosperous. It can benefit from both the north and the south. If you don’t like wood, you need to pay a little attention.

The southeast is also of wood, and this position represents the eldest daughter in the family, so if it is a woman to make money, it is recommended to put it in this position.

The southern part of the fire is not recommended if it is not particularly weak.

The Southwest Territory represents the mother in the family. Some people also use this location as one of the treasury, so it can also be placed here, but if the mother in the family is in poor health, it is not recommended to place it here.

In fact, "money tree" and "cornucopia" are often used together in the household feng shui bureau. One is to make money and the other is to gather wealth. These two interact with each other to form a situation and the effect is very good.

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