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What is "one arrow through the heart"? How to resolve it?

Feng Shui in Chinese culture has a long history. Many people choose to consult their Feng Shui teachers when they look at or buy a house. Among the many feng shui laws, the most taboo one must be "one arrow to pierce the heart"! How did One Arrow Pierce the Heart? In fact, what solution do we have? Hurry up and take a look at this article now to get a deeper understanding!

What is one arrow through the heart?

The modern home space emphasizes indoor lighting, so large floor-to-ceiling glass windows or glass doors are often installed. However, in Feng Shui, if there are "door-to-door, door-to-window, and window-to-window" situations in the home, we will call it one-shot.

For example, if the door of the house directly faces the windows and doors of the balcony, and there is no barrier in between, it will be a dead end. When we opened the door, a strong wind passed through the hall, creating a feng shui wind.

In terms of Feng Shui, what impact will one arrow have on homeowners?

One arrow through the heart is the one that has the greatest impact on wealth. Since the air flows in and out of the house quickly, it symbolizes that the wealth will pass through the house in an instant. The house is naturally not easy to gather wealth, which is indeed a sign of great wealth. Therefore, one arrow through the heart will affect the homeowner’s fortune, which is definitely a taboo for businessmen!

In addition, passing through the hall will also cause the gas field in the house to flow quickly and be extremely unstable, which can easily cause the homeowner to be impatient, prone to quarrel with others, and even lead to bloody accidents.

Some people may think that Feng Shui is a superstition, but it is not unscientific to pierce the heart with one arrow. Imagine that in winter, there is often cold air flowing indoors, which makes living uncomfortable. Normally, due to the strong wind, the door of the room is easy to close automatically, which may scare the children or the elderly, and the house will not be peaceful. Even in the summer, the sweat pores of the human body open, and blowing an arrow through the heart for a long time will let the evil spirits enter and cause physical discomfort.

All in all, one arrow will have a bad effect on the wealth and health of the homeowner and family! Below we will provide you with 4 simple solutions to solve the problem of one arrow without changing the position of the windows or doors of the house~

Solution one: curtains

Curtains are the basic equipment of interior design, and if your house has a problem of draughts, you can use opaque curtains to cover large glass windows to avoid opening doors and windows. In this way, there will be no door-to-window or window-to-window problems, and at the same time, the privacy of the room is improved, so you no longer have to worry about your neighbors or passers-by seeing your every move.

However, if the light is installed with dark opaque windows, won't the house become dim and dark? If you have this concern, you can install double-layer curtains-first use semi-transparent white screens as the bottom layer, and then match dark opaque curtains.

Solution 2: Entrance

If the door is facing the room, you can consider creating a small porch as a buffer at this time, using a shoe cabinet, a large storage cabinet, a partition screen or even a Feng Shui door curtain as the compartment.

If space permits, you can even consider creating a cloakroom! In this way, the problem of hallucinations can be solved, and at the same time, practical storage space can be added to the house.

Solution three: sliding door

If you already have a porch, you can consider adding a sliding door that conforms to the interior design style. This can effectively solve the problem of hallucination, and can completely separate the hallway space and the indoor living space.

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