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Tiger's overall fortune in 2020

Lucky 2020 color: yellow, brown, silver

2020 taboo colors: cyan, green

1950 Tiger

Entering 2020,easy to be affected by evil stars, and more or less unpleasant things happen. The zodiac tiger is arrogant, stubborn, unwilling to refer to other people's opinions, and is prone to conflicts with his family. In order to avoid serious injuries, you should learn to control his emotions and use his free time to participate in peer activities to ease boredom. But pay attention not to challenge fierce exercise, mainly to exercise and relax, so as not to overwork and affect physical health. In this year, the zodiac tiger has many accidents. It is not recommended to go out for a tour. You can use tooth washing and donate blood to dispel evil spirits. In terms of money, there are plenty of pensions and no worries, but we must avoid listening to the words of the wicked to invest in the sideline industry and be careful to enter the fraud trap.


1962 Tiger

In 2020, the zodiac tiger was unsuccessful, and his career was often blocked. The professional knowledge is not hard enough, and the progress of the work is slow, resulting in frequent complaints from customers and unsatisfactory performance; disputes with bosses and leaders, a small person spreading rumors behind it, damage to reputation, and unsuccessful things. In the case of partial money, the account is not ideal, and more is less, and it is easy to fall into an economic crisis. It is recommended that you keep your money in this year, do not change jobs at will, and do not show too much publicity to reduce the number of socializing trips. Use your free time to enroll in related courses to consolidate your professional knowledge, or find a place where you can relieve stress and cultivate your sentiments.


1974 Tiger

Tigers have a bad fortune just after entering 2020. Their early career is unstable and their development is slow. It is difficult to get the approval and appreciation of others, and there is no help from noble people. The workplace is under great pressure. Due to the busy work, the diet is not regular, the work and rest are not normal, and the health aspect will also decline accordingly. This has been the case for a long time, and the stomach and liver are seriously damaged. It is recommended to quit smoking and alcohol, and eat less oil and less salt. Fortune began to rise slowly in the middle of the year, do a good job of their own work, decisively and resolutely when faced with problems, improve work efficiency and quality, take over the business to ensure that there are no leaks, and maintain a stable account situation to bring the company the greatest benefits. By the end of the year, you can get your promotion. As long as you can seize the opportunity, you are more likely to be promoted and raised.


1986 Tiger

Entering 2020, this year born tiger is generally fortunate, with poor energy and unsatisfactory business results. It is easy to affect careers due to private affairs. Career planning is not clear. Goals have not been set, resulting in lower work efficiency and distraction. May wish to change jobs, try industries that are of personal interest, and change the working environment may reverse the fortune. Or enhance personal expertise and apply for national units. In emotional life, the single zodiac tiger who is single this year has a poor luck. Through a friend's introduction, he knows a good opposite sex, but he is deliberately ruthless. It is recommended to report to a group to relax and ease the pain of love.


1998 Tiger

This zodiac tiger during school in 2020 has strong learning ability and improved academic performance. It may be useful to use the school to obtain more honorary certificates and gain more chips for future life planning. However, we should pay attention to interpersonal communication. The zodiac tiger is arrogant, unwilling to follow the trend, unwilling to deal with people, and it is easy to attract jealousy. It is recommended to temper your temperament, not to be overly public in your work, and to consider other issues from the standpoint of others. In 2020, the Tigers are in good health, have a poor mental state, have difficulty concentrating, and may have bloody injuries. So be careful in everything, pay attention to kidney, bladder and other

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