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The wrong location of the living room affects fortune

Some houses are due to the internal structure,After getting started, you must pass through the bedroom or the kitchen before you can reach the living room.This kind of pattern of entering the door without seeing the living room will have the effect of family members without centripetal force and unity, serious leakage of wealth and family luck.

In all houses, whether it’s an apartment or a sky, you must first see the living room when you get started, because the living room is a place to receive guests, and is also a gathering place for family activities. Modern architectural design often has the problem of space configuration errors, which must be paid attention to.

When you enter the door, you often see the kitchen or the room, the dining room or the toilet first. This is a taboo in the house. In this way, the guests can see almost all the internal privacy patterns of the house, which means that we have turned our pockets out to outsiders. If the treasury is exposed, it is easy to be framed by others. It is unreasonable for the entrance to be hidden from the hall. The family luck will be defeated during the residence. Don't buy it,

Because of the diverse architectural designs nowadays, the location of the door may not be the same as the daylighting surface. Because the living room needs to be bright for lighting, it often causes the door to enter the door instead of passing through the living room first. In this way, in addition to the non-privacy treasury mentioned above, it is exposed. In addition to the problem, the living room has no effect of monitoring the entrance and exit of the door. Outsiders enter the house without knowing it, and are vulnerable to thieves. It also implies that they are slapped by the villain without knowing it. Family members enter their own room without passing through the living room. Everyone who has lived is completely ignorant at home, and the family members are not in harmony and have no centripetal force.

The living room is the facade of the residence and also a place to receive guests. The correct planning should be reached as soon as you enter the door. If you can enter the living room through the kitchen and toilet beforehand, it will lose the function of centering and privacy, which is not suitable.

This will also result in unclear distinctions between the inside and outside of the home, lack of privacy in life, and poor family luck. Making bad friends, hooking up with women at home, business work is prone to gaps in differences.

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