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The southwest of 2022 is a disease position prone to disease and injury

The southwest position is the symbol of Fengshui disease in 2022. Will bring illness and pain. The probability of dealing with hospitals is greatly increased in houses where seats, beds, and stoves are in the sick place. It is necessary to pay close attention to the changes in the physical health of yourself and your family members, and take a comprehensive physical examination as soon as possible to prevent any accidents. Do not pile up debris or rubbish in the southwest, keep it tidy.

Remedy: Air conditioners, fans, and windows that open in the southwest will blow the sick air into the house. If the door, bedroom, kitchen, etc. are exactly in the north, a gray or white carpet can be placed at the door to help resolve it. In addition, in a disaster year, you and your family can have a health check-up to prevent the trouble before it happens, and it also implies that you have already been to the hospital. You can also make some charitable donations within your capacity to accumulate good fortune for yourself and your family.

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