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The secret method of transit during the Mid-Autumn Festival

If you feel that you are in a low tide, or you have no chance to fall in love, or you have any wish you want to realize, now is a very good opportunity to let the energy of the magnetic field of heaven and earth give you the opportunity, which is on the 15th day of the lunar calendar. How to make your wish this day?

If you want to have the opportunity of love or marriage or want to succeed in your career, please don’t forget to worship the Moon on the Mid-Autumn Festival on August 15th of the lunar calendar-the old man under the moon!

If you especially want to ask for a marriage, a friend who wants to fall in love, please be more sure to ask the old moon to help you lead the red line and help you make a good relationship.

Remember one day on August 15th, everyone must have something red on their bodies, such as wearing red clothes, red underwear, and red gems. Come and wear red clothes on August 15th of the lunar calendar. Make yourself very happy, you can also improve your complexion.

In addition, the most important thing is to prepare a magic weapon, which is a container made of glass. The container can be round or other shapes.

The glass container should contain five-color crystals. The five-color crystals are green crystals, red crystals, yellow crystals, white crystals, and blue crystals.

The five colors representing wood, fire, earth, gold, water, and Wu always circulate endlessly., And then put it in this glass container in order (green, red, yellow, white and blue). At the top, we are going to light the candle. The size of the candle does not matter. After we are ready, we will put it in this year’s 2021. The direction of the is also the south, the candle is lit and then facing the moonlight or if there is no moonlight that day, it doesn’t matter, you stand at the southern window, and then make the wish you want most in your heart. If you wish to succeed, you must work hard. Effort is the most important thing. One of the media of, making a wish is to give us a goal on this day to make a wish. With the light of this candlelight, all the nameless fears in our hearts can be removed, and then you can be more confident and decision-making to go forward and build dreams. , Remember that you make a wish of up to three wishes, and this candle can only be achieved by lighting the candle in the south for seven consecutive days. Because seven days is a cycle, this is very important. Now you can prepare first!

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