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The most prosperous direction in 2022

The most prosperous direction in the northeast!

The northeast is the most prosperous location in 2022, and it is also the financial position this year, prosperous fortune and home ownership. A good feng shui layout can increase the chances of promotion and improve wealth. It is best to open the door and window in the northeast. You can also put the bedroom and office in this position. You can put a red mat at the door, or you can set up a blessed feng shui Pi Xio or Money Fog will be prosperous In 2022.

The fortune star will fall into the zodiac of tiger .However, due to the interference of the fleeting Tai Sui fierce star, the fortune is still somewhat unstable. Tiger people should make more reserves this year, so they can buy some fixed assets that keep their value. But remember that it is not advisable to blindly lend money to others and make high-risk investments.

In 2022, the door can be opened in the northeast, business will be profitable, and office workers will also benefit. Even when the economy is poor, they will not encounter layoffs, or they will be able to find jobs with similar salaries after being laid off. If the house's feng shui layou properly , you can get a promotion!

If the front door is not in the northeast, will the wealth fortune in 2012 be bad? If you know how to make a feng shui layout, it won’t be bad. You can consider placing two sets of blessed five empire coins in the northeast of your home to promote prosperity as well.

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