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The best location for the cashier register

Opening a restaurant is to make money, so how to make the restaurant's business good? We must pay attention to the feng shui of the restaurant from the very beginning. The good feng shui of restaurant will naturally lead to endless business. Then how do we use feng shui layout to make the restaurant flourish? In addition to the kitchen door, the cash register is of course very important in the restaurant, so today I will first talk about the Feng Shui of the cash register.

First of all, the cash register is the most taboo to be too high, because not only will it block the way of making money, it will also be difficult to see other people’s money. Because the cashier register is high, it will definitely block the fortune, and it will definitely block the "road of money". If there is no money, how can we make money?So the cashier register should not be too high to Brock of our front view.

In addition, it is best not to put too high plants or too big lucky cats on the cashier register. Although some people's cashier counters are relatively low, which is good , when they put a lucky cat on the cashier counter, they think that if you put a lucky cat, money will come. In fact, lucky cats are not very useful and are more suitable for general grocery stores. Putting a lucky cat at the cashier register or a fortune tree at the cash register will block the arrival of prosperity.

In addition, the cash register should not be too close to the fish tank. In Fengshui the water is money, so some restaurants always put a fish tank nearby the cash register,no matter how the cashier register is placed, they thinking that doing so will definitely make money. Unexpectedly, the business is getting less and less, and the relationship between the cashier register and the fish tank also needs to be distanced. To talk about the location, it must not be too close. Too close will definitely cause more illness and even disaster.

In addition, the cash register cannot face the mirror. The use of mirrors in life is quite mysterious. If you use it well, it will work. If it is not used well, it will be bad right away,Many people know that mirrors can be used to dissolve evil spirits. For example, if you pass the roofs of some people, there is often a mirror that is said to be used to dissolve evil spirits. But the mirror itself can also bring evil spirits. For example, when the cashier is facing the mirror, no matter how good the business in your shop is, the profit is not much, and the fortune is average, so you will definitely not make a lot of money.

Another,There must be a wall or screen behind the cashier counter. It cannot be empty. Many customers know it by themselves when they are watching Feng Shui. Their understanding is that there is no back support . In addition to not having a back support there will also be situations where money is lost. The empty behind the cash register is related to the chi collection. Because wealth usually comes from the front, the front should be empty and the back should be solid.

Ok Let’s talk about where the cashier register should be placed above

First, it must be facing the door, that is, the cash register is placed at the back position facing the door. The diagonal position is the best. Because you can see the entire store inside, if you place on the front close to the door it is easy to cause customer pressure at the door, and it is easy to be robbed from a realistic point of view. It is not safe. It makes sense that many stores are unwilling to put the cash register on the front, but A reception table placed in the direction facing the guests is okay, it can also take care customer easily.But this is not suitable for general grocery stores to put the counter at the all the way back ,because the customers of the grocery store have to leave immediately after buying something. You put the counter at the innermost side, but it has the opposite effect, as if the supermarket counters are all in the front. Cashiers in various industries should also pay attention to practicality. Feng Shui still need to match the different industry and cannot be generalized.

The order of placing items on the cash register

The checkout counter should be clean, tidy, and the correct order of placing items , first without blocking the front view, when we looking out from the cashier register, left side can be a small money tree, and candy Box, credit card machine and welcome sign, that is it.

A neat and orderly checkout counter can not only create a pleasing environment for customers, but also create a good atmosphere, which is conducive to improving the mental state of employees and forming a harmonious management atmosphere.Thank you for watching and I see you next time

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