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The backyard is related to family health and wisdom

We often think that the front yard is clean and beautiful, so many people don’t take care of the back yard. Actually the back of the house is related to our brains and wisdom.  The back of the house is clean, and the people who live in it will be more clear-headed.  If the back of the house is messy, it will hurt our wisdom, especially for children. If the back is dirty, both adults and children are prone to nose problems and even cancer. Our backs must be clean. 

There are several principles are here for your reference.

  First, there must not be a swimming pool in the middle of the backyard, especially the noise of the swimming pool especially have a water fall feature.We said that there must be a support behind the house. There must be tall buildings or small hills so that we can have noble people to help our business and family succeed. But If you dig the swimming pool behind, not only you have no support but also the entire foundation is offline, plus the sound of running water. We say that the feng shui behind should be quiet, but you built a swimming pool and the sound of running water is so loud that is totally against feng shui rules. It will harm our family and career, so it is best not to have a swimming pool behind the house, and if the sound of the swimming pool is too loud, our brains are prone to strange diseases.  when you build a pool  for garden landscapes, with a swimming pool in the back with stone shapes designed , because the shape of the stones are irregular.  Therefore, the people who live will have muddy heads, more extreme things in their thoughts, and intermittent thoughts.  If you have this kind of designed you need to pay attention to it.  If it has already been done, it should be better if the stone can be moved aside.  

Stones can also will cause strange illnesses especially make children worse.  The swimming pool can be at the dragon's side in the backyard. The so-called dragon's edge means that if we look at the back from the house, it is on our right hand side. If we look at the home from the backyard, the dragon's side is on our left. 

Don't make a mistake, so when we are building the swimming pool  ,Don’t build it at left side when you go out To the backyard.Some messy stones are in the middle of the back,it should be moved to the back of the dragon side ,with some plants to make it look green and beautiful,otherwise you will feel nervous and insecure. We must pay attention to this.  If you don't deal with it in time but wait until it happens, maybe something unnecessary disease will grow in your brain already. So some modeling designs that violate the rules of Feng Shui may not happen all at once, but once they happen, it may be too late.

Don’t have a motor behind us

For example, the motor of the air-conditioner and swimming pool motors are often used in our daily life, especially in construction companies, they don’t think about feng shui and we must have common sense of feng shui.  With a motor, the noise caused by the motor's daily rotation must be aware of high blood pressure and easy stroke.  Because behind is Qian Gua, Qian is headed (the stem is gold), if it move must be a headache, so if there is a washing machine, or a motor, a pump, etc. banging every day in the middle of the back, it is not a good phenomenon.  Because and the inexplicable nameless fire often appears, this should be noted.

 Except for the motor in the center of the back, neither the side of the tiger can move, nor the right side of the back, the rumbling, which is easy to cause trouble to us,because the tiger cannot move.  If the motor is vibrating all day long, there will definitely will have backstabbers and get hurt things happen.

 A guest I told him that the tiger’s side is moving, and it’s best to move to the dragon’s side. The tiger’s side moves and sells goods, but the money cannot be collected, causing grievances and conflicts between people.  So we have to be quiet behind, and there can be no waterfalls behind. This is also called drenching water, which can hurt our mind.

 The backyard of a house is related to the health of the family and the wisdom of the family. If the backyard is equipped with Feng Shui, then the family will prosper, and the wisdom and ability of the people will be greatly improved. The backyard must be kept clean to improve the intelligence and intelligence of the children.

 The following points should be noted about Feng Shui in the backyard:

 .  It’s best not to raise animals in the backyard, like chickens and ducks. Keep it clean at all times, otherwise it will easily cause strange diseases in the home and it will be difficult to ensure safety.

 .  It is not advisable to plant too big trees in the backyard to block the light at home , which will cause the room too dark, you know on the big tree or old tree has evil spirits live in there , if the tree affects to our room , it will cause family sick and bad luck 

 .  The fence of the backyard should not be too high, as long as it can block the sight of outsiders, generally five feet six inches is better, which can prevent outsiders from spying on the situation in the home, but also can keep wealth.

 .  The ground of the backyard should not be higher than the floor of the house by more than one foot, nor should it be lower than the floor of the house by more than one foot, otherwise it is difficult to keep the wealth of the home.

 .  The white tiger can't plant tall trees, which will harm women and children: don't have flower stands, the white tiger will move, and there will be many things.

 .  It is forbidden to plant Prickly plant or cacti in the back or front yard which will cause skin diseases of the family (except roses). Do not pile waste or  broken furniture, waste wood, etc.; they will affect family fortune  and health.

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