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South position Feng Shui Layout in 2020


# 2 Flying Star in the South

2020 # 2 Flying Star in the South, this is a sick star, which is not good for women's health at home,

Will cause lots trouble and hurting, causing the family ’s fortune to be unstable, this position should be quiet and not moveable, the most taboo is any construction here, will Causes often cause pain and accidents, and it is best to avoid them. If the bedroom, living room sofa, and stove happen to be in the south, you can switch to another room to sleep and put gourds to dispel the evil spirits. February, July, and December in the 2020 lunar calendar are all unlucky months. Be careful Don't go far

Feng Shui layout: A string of gourds can be hung in the south, and five emperor coins or copper lions, copper roosters, copper cymbals and copper unicorns and other five-element gold objects and pendulums can be placed.

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